Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Those January blues, blue skies I mean and yellow Labradors under them...

I can't think of a better combination in January than fantastic weather, clear blue skies and our own adorable English yellow Labrador retriever, Cooper.
Yellow Labrador on beach under blue skies
Here's a collection of some brand new photographs, together with some old favourites, of our almost nine month old pup under blue skies at Runyon Canyon and at the beach.
Blue sky with Cooper on rock face
Pup with a spring in his step under blue skies
No matter how cold it is where you are, these pictures should be enough to warm your heart.
Blue sky, yellow LabradorBlue skies beach puppy
I always think that the deep blue skies, together with the sandy shores and hiking trails and just a hint of greenery, frame Cooper's golden coat beautifully.
Runyon Canyon ridge Labrador
Blue sky retriever puppy
At the moment we have a nice walking routine going, but even in the last few days of hot temperatures and glorious sunshine Cooper is starting to flag in the heat, so I'm not sure how he'll cope come summertime when it's even hotter.
Bounding Cooper under blue skies
Sycamore Cove Labrador
I can tell you one thing though, I'm certainly not missing the British weather and I'm enjoying this version of January blues, much more than the miserable gloominess of winter back in London.
Blue sky pup
Runyon Canyon Labrador pup
Of everything we've experienced so far, I think the blue skies of California and our very own bundle of joy, Cooper, are the two things I'll remember L.A. most for. Not that we plan on disappearing back to the UK anytime soon (we love the sunshine far too much).
Runyon Canyon pup
I hope you're not finding keeping to your New Year resolutions too hard, as we're only half way through January.  15% of you planned to lose some weight this year, whilst another 15% and the more adventurous amongst you that answered the last poll said you would try and write that book you've always wanted to. 
Runyon Canyon Labrador with Downtown skyline
10% of ambitious visitors wanted to get that six-pack they'd always dreamed of, whilst an equal amount just wanted to be happy in 2009.  20% of you either didn't have any resolutions for the New Year or had something else in mind. But regardless what you promised yourself, I hope it's going well and you've not fallen at the first hurdle already.
Beach pup, blue skies
I hope these blue skies help keep those depressing January blues away, at least until the weather gets better in your neck of the woods anyway...

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