Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life President Obama, and good luck...

I feel very fortunate today to be living in America on the day they have welcomed their 44th President of the United States into office.  
President Obama sworn in as the 44th President
Even though I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama on TV rather than with the two million people lining the streets of the nation's capital it still feels like a very special day in history (and I'm sure I was much warmer than those folks in Washington D.C. too).
2 million spectators at President Obama's Inauguration day in Washington DC
I'm sure pretty much every other blogger on this planet is writing something about America's new President, but as a non-American currently residing in California I'm sure I have my own unique perspective on today's events.
President Obama's inauguration day in Washington DC
I'm not going to prattle on about what an auspicious day this is and how it's a major milestone in history (which it is), but I just want to say "Well done President Obama" for giving a great speech and continuing your message of hope.  
President Obama's inauguration day
I've heard some commentators today describe your speech as somber rather than celebratory, but good on you for letting people know that's it's not going to be all rosy in the coming months and years and that all Americans (and the rest of the World's population) have a responsibility to help make changes for peace, prosperity, equality and a better environment.
President Obama's inauguration day
Your words about everyone being equal no matter their origins, religion or creed seemed to mean even more considering you are the first black President in America's history and seems especially poignant after Martin Luther King Day yesterday.
Crowds at President Obama's Inauguration day in Washington DC
Rather selfishly, I just hope your words extend to the immigration officials at America's airports and they crack a friendly smile whenever I (or any other visitor) enter the country (or at least attempt to be civil and fair).
President Obama's Inauguration day in Washington DC
But let me put aside my petty thoughts as I've got a good feeling about you Mr. President. Enjoy your well deserved celebrations tonight as I think you're going to be a very busy man for the next four years.

Good luck...

p.s. when you get a free second tomorrow can you overturn California's Proposition 8 and make same sex marriage a right for everyone to enjoy.

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