Friday, February 20, 2009

Beautiful beach houses along the Malibu coast...

Along with taking pup to the beach the other day, I tried to stop off on my way back to take some pictures of Malibu's scenic coastline and the fantastic beach houses that line the shore.
beach houses along Malibu coast
It's quite a hard task as there are not that many good vantage points you can stop at, or like me by the time you realise something would make a great photograph you've already driven past and there's no way to stop or turn around on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Malibu coastline
I always thought it would be uber-cool to live in a house on the beach. To be able to walk out your door onto the sandy shore and have the waves lapping up onto your deck. 
Malibu beach houses
Obviously my dream house would probably cost about a gazillion dollars and for that price I wouldn't want all those tourists walking by, preferring a nice tranquil beach front environment. How amazing must it be to wake up and look out onto the Pacific Ocean every morning.
Houses along Malibu shore
When I drive through Malibu I always wonder what Hollywood starlets live in the houses, if any at all. With that in mind don't forget it's the 81st Academy Awards tomorrow.
Malibu coastal view
Even though it must be a thrill to live so close to the ocean, surrounded by the rich and famous, I can imagine when the sun's not shining and the mists roll in it can be pretty cold in those houses on their stilts by the water (that's what I tell myself anyway).
Malibu beach house coastline
I always think it's such a shame that I can't take Cooper for a walk on the L.A. County beaches, as I know he'd love to play along those long stretches of sandy shores (plus my drive time would be reduced).
Malibu shoreline
Ah well, at least we get a nice view as we're driving back from our dog-friendly beach at Sycamore Cove.

Enjoy your weekend...

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