Thursday, February 26, 2009

City in the mists...

We're almost a year into our exploration of Los Angeles and whenever I take in the spectacular views from Runyon Canyon I still remain in awe of the sprawling city below me.
Downtown Los Angeles hidden in the mists
Today was one of those days however when you don't get to see all that much, as Downtown L.A. was hidden in mist (or call it the marine layer or pollution).

View of L.A. in September 2008
Runyon Canyon view of Downtown LA in September 2008
Here are just a few glimpses of the varying air quality in L.A. at different times in the past twelve months.

View of Downtown L.A. from the Griffith Observatory in October 2008
Downtown LA viewed from Griffith Observatory in October 2008
It really can be perfectly clear one day with a few wispy clouds, to so smoggy that you can't see the tall office buildings of Downtown.

Sprawling L.A. in August 2008
Sprawling Downtown LA view in August 2008
L.A.'s sprawling nature is truly unique and I said as much when a journalist in the UK contacted me recently to help him write an article on relocating here. When you first arrive from somewhere as metropolitan as London, it's hard to get used to the collection of cities spread so far and wide that make up Los Angeles County, but over time you do acclimatise to it. 

View of Downtown L.A. on 26 December 2008
Los Angeles view from Runyon Canyon on 26 Dec 08
Boxing Day in L.A. (the day after Christmas) was a lovely crisp and clear day for a walk, with brilliant blue skies and a refreshing breeze in the air.

Dramatic Los Angeles view on President Obama's Inauguration Day
Los Angeles view on President Obama Inauguration Day 20 Jan 09
This was the view of the dramatic (some say polluted) sky over L.A. on the morning of the 20th January 2009, the historic day President Obama was inaugurated into office.

'Jason & Cooper in Hollywood' overlooking L.A. in September 2008
Jason and Cooper overlooking LA in September 2008
This is one of my favourite pictures with Cooper.  It'll always help me remember our time in L.A. (the sunshine, Runyon Canyon hikes and the time when I could still lift our pup up onto my lap, which is not so easy now).

Hope you enjoy the views...

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Anonymous said...

I went to LA for a month last year and loved it! great pictures.
Cooper looks adorable too!

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