Friday, February 20, 2009

Daily Puppy star Cooper makes his long awaited return...

He's back... 
Happy Cooper at the beach
Yes after a bit of an absence from Jason in Hollywood (he's been frolicking about in his Hollywood Hills pad), our Hollywood Hound and faithful companion Cooper returns to the cheers of all his adoring fans, new and old.
Pup with ears flapping
For those of you who didn't know, our ten month old yellow Labrador retriever was the puppy pin-up of The Daily Puppy yesterday. 
Proud 10 month old Labrador pup
So welcome to all you new visitors who discovered 'Cooper goodness' from that fab website (around 200 people have made fantastic comments about his photos already) and for all you loyal souls who keep coming back, here are some new pictures of our adorable puppy. Plus a special treat of his very first video at the beach. 

After all that fuss and nonsense getting back into America last week, I thought it would be good to do something nice to remind myself why we took this opportunity to live here in sun blessed California, so I loaded up my car with Cooper and all his toys and drove to his favourite beach.
Pup paddling in the Pacific Ocean
Cooper loves Sycamore Cove in Ventura County and when you're there early enough you get the beach all to yourself. Then I can safely leave Cooper off his leash and he can have fun chasing balls and frisbees and we can run up and down the shore together.
Pacific Ocean fun for Cooper
It's about an hour's drive, so imagine my horror when I thought I'd have to turn around and drive back when I arrived. We jumped out of my car and headed to the ocean and I noticed a commotion further up the beach. To my surprise I found a set-building crew creating a graveyard setting right there on the beach.
Sycamore Cove movie graveyard
In addition to the crew there were extra park rangers and lifeguards and I worried that they'd closed the beach entirely, but luckily that wasn't the case. I'm not sure if the fake graveyard was for a TV show or a movie, although I did see a film crew at one of the canyons on my drive through Malibu, but it looked like something that wouldn't look out of place for the Winchester Boys from the fantastically spooky cult TV series, Supernatural.
Beach graveyard set at Sycamore Cove
I can just imagine misty Sycamore Cove wreathed in fog providing an atmospheric setting for any filming. These pictures I took don't look terribly exciting from a distance I know (I was trying not to be thrown off the beach by the park rangers or security), but it's not something you see everyday and that's part of why I love being here amidst the excitement of Hollywood-land
Graveyard film set at Sycamore Cove
Maybe I should have asked if they needed an adorable puppy in whatever they were filming. Maybe he could have worn his Halloween costume to fit in with the graveyard theme.
Pup Cooper in the surf
Obviously Cooper was totally oblivious to all the excitement around him. He was having far too much fun in the surf and sand. 
Splashing frisbee fun for Cooper
And once again, even with all his other toys to play with, he was proving that there's no stick too big for him.
Cooper's big stick
If you're wondering what caught Cooper's eye in this picture...
10 month old pup on the shoreline
he was fascinated by this seagull perched on this shelf of sand.
Seagull at the beach
Usually there's lots of majestic pelicans flying overhead that catch his eye or sand waders for him to chase along the shore, so a seagull is pretty ordinary for his tastes. 
Sycamore Cove bird life on the rocks
If you are a new visitor or a regular follower of Cooper's adventures, we'd both really appreciate it if you could vote for my blog as the 'Best Animal Blog' in the Blogger's Choice Awards, because let's face it, at times this blog should really be called 'Cooper in Hollywood'.
Pup trotting along in the wet sand
Whilst we were on our vacation in the UK visitors were voting on what kind of dog we should get Cooper as a brother or sister (hypothetically speaking of course) and the overwhelming majority of you, 45%, said that our boy was more than enough.
Pup playing at Sycamore Cove
22% of you said a different dog altogether, but even though they can be a handful at times, I'm a total convert to Labradors and I'm sure that we'll get another flavour, whether it be yellow, black or chocolate.
Pup having fun playing in the sand
Our bounding bundle of joy is more than enough for us (and our small condo apartment) at the moment though. Move over 'Marley', there's a new Top Dog in town.
10 month old frisbee pup
There's nothing we like more at the end of a visit to the beach than a happy and exhausted pup.
Well, for five minutes at least.

Come back soon for even more fabulous misadventures of Cooper in Hollywood...


nat88008 said...

Such a great dog......!!!!

Jason in Hollywood said...

thank you, we think so :-)

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