Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I wish I could live my life in reverse like Benjamin Button...

Or maybe rather than in reverse I mean I wish I could rewind time a couple of hours so I didn't have to sit through the mundanity of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
Brad Pitt Benjamin Button movie billboard in London
If you get the impression that I didn't care for this movie, you'd be right. It's not that it's a bad movie in terms of production values, but frankly I'm curious how it has garnered so many Oscar nominations this year. I can't believe that this film has the most nominations, thirteen in total, of any other picture for the 81st Academy Awards.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button film poster
Where do I start? Well firstly the 'special effects' and all the computer wizardry and make-up that makes the cast look so old and young, it's just not that special. For the most part Brad Pitt looks the same for most of the movie, there's a good bit of the film where he's just stuck looking as old as he does in real life.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie poster
Beyond the basic plot of a man living his life in reverse, born as an elderly baby, being old and infirm for his childhood and then getting progressively younger over the years, there's really not that much to the film. It's basically Forrest Gump-lite, but without the fantastical story elements of happenings in Benjamin's life.

Nothing of much interest really happens. The central romance isn't that passionate or believable and the dying old lady confessing her daughter's true parentage on her death bed seems ripped from the pages of Titanic (an old lady telling her life story that is. Maybe it's done through Benjamin's journal, but it's still quite formulaic).
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button film poster
I spent the whole 166 minutes (yes nearly three hours of my life) waiting for something to happen. There was a reason I'd not rushed out to see this film, the trailer pretty much is as exciting as it gets and is at least a tad intriguing, I wish I'd trusted my instincts and waited for the DVD release. It's only because I'm trying to get through the majority of nominated films for the Oscars before the 22nd February ceremony that I even bothered.

Anyway, I'm not going to prattle on about the movie, suffice to say that a mediocre two ** stars is being very generous (and that's mainly because Brad Pitt is still nice to look at even if he isn't the best actor in the world).
Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie poster
I think there are far more worthy contenders for the Oscars (and I still can't believe Gran Torino didn't get any nominations), so I'll just keep my fingers crossed for my own Oscar winning predictions.

After this cinematic interlude, tomorrow it's back to finishing the last nuggets from our return visit to the UK.

See you then...


Michael Rivers said...

I left the theater thinking the same thing you did. So did Anthony (my fellow awards show blogger). I was shocked when the Oscar noms came out and this movie got so many. It wasn't a horrible movie--but it didn't do much for me either.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Well, let's just hope it doesn't win too many Oscars - it hasn't done very well so far at the Globes or Bafta Awards.

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