Thursday, February 19, 2009

Views of the Earth from above the clouds...

It really is amazing what you can do with a camera and a glass of champagne (or ten) at 35,000 feet above the Earth. Here are some fantastic views of the Earth from above the clouds on our United Airlines flight from London Heathrow to San Francisco.
Snowy Manchester from above the clouds
But before I get too ahead of myself I must tell you about our Hollywood Hound Cooper who is 'Puppy of the Day' on the The Daily website today. He's making lots of new pup pals and has lots of new admirers. 
Views of Manchester above the clouds
I've said it before, but our pup is such a star and it won't be long before he's raking in the money and he has his own paw prints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Above the clouds of snowy Britain
Anyway, more of Cooper soon (I promise), back to those fabulous pictures from above the clouds. The first batch are of snowbound Britain, about 30,000 feet over Manchester
Manchester above the clouds
After the snow hit London it moved across the country and everyone seemed to get their share of the wintery weather.
Britain above the clouds
I've always been captivated by the views above the clouds. The fluffy clouds always look amazing and the sky is just so blue, its very calming and humbling to be looking down on the world below.
Snowbound Britain from above the clouds
I remember once taking a whole roll of film (remember that, before the joys of digital, when you never knew what you'd end up with) on the way to a holiday in Europe somewhere (Corfu I think).
Coast of Greenland from above the clouds
Above the clouds Greenland coast
The next selection of images are from the coast of Greenland to flying over the ice strewn country. 
Coast of Greenland above the clouds
Greenland from above the cloudsFrozen Greenland
I make no apologies for the amount of images, as the dramatic landscapes are simply stunning in their natural beauty.
View of Greenland from the plane
Icy Greenland landscape
Frozen wasteland of Greenland
There's something totally alien about these views from above, even though it's our own world.
Greenland from above
The mountains of GreenlandFrozen world below
But I didn't spend all the flight taking photographs. Even though I didn't sleep at all on the plane, I dispensed with the usual movie marathon and I spent the hours enjoying a good book.
Spectacular frozen waters of GreenlandStunning frozen Greenland
Spectacular frozen world views
Along with making sure our glasses were topped up the whole flight, we had a sweet flight attendant who took a shine to us and gave us a bottle of champagne to go home with - how cool is that?
Frozen views of Greenland
Next up was Canada, which also looked quite snowy. I've always wanted to go to Canada, but I've just not made it yet.
Canada above the clouds
Above the clouds over Canada
Views of Canada above the clouds
Views of Canada from above
Above the clouds over North America
Our final approach after about eleven or so hours in the air was over the Californian coast and San Francisco's bay area (which I have visited before).
Californian coast from above the clouds
Over San Francisco Bay
After the beautiful frozen wastelands of Greenland, the bay area of San Francisco looked equally amazing, looking like a colourful patchwork quilt.
San Francisco patchwork bay area
After our lovely trip back home and the uplifting images from above the clouds it was a real shame to be brought back down to Earth with a bump by another intimidating and exhausting encounter with U.S. Immigration
San Fran bay area
There's nothing like feeling like a criminal to make you feel welcome (or not as the case may be). 
San Francisco above the clouds
I won't go into details because I'd rather forget the whole thing until the next painful time (including the lack of respect and courtesy they show you).
San Francisco from afar
Anyway after we got our connecting flight back to L.A. all was finally made well when we were reunited with our gorgeous pup Cooper. 

He was so excited to see us and it made us both feel that we were finally back home...

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