Saturday, February 7, 2009

When street signs make sense, political sense that is...

I came across this amended STOP sign the other day and the sentiment made me smile.
Amended Stop All War sign
When we first moved to the U.S. we had to get used to a new way of driving, especially me as I'd never passed my driving test in the UK. Aside from the wonderful 'right turn on red rule' (which we love), we were slightly more perplexed by all the STOP signs on every street.

There were 2-way stops and 4-way stops (sometimes called All-way stop signs), at which you had to stop every time (not just if there was traffic).  
STOP ALL WAR street sign
In residential areas it can get a bit tedious stopping all the time and remembering who goes first. However, now that I've been a Californian motorist for almost ten months, I can say that in time you do get used to them.

I just wish that ending all war was as easy as changing a letter on a street sign though...

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BP said...

I love it. Here in Idaho it would not be up for long. But that is absolutely wonderful. I have a son in the army, going to afghanistan next year. The best way to support the troops is to bring them home.

Take care, nice picts of London


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