Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who watches the Watchmen...?

Well at the moment nobody watches the Watchmen movie, as it doesn't officially open here in the United States until 6th March 2009. 
Who watches the Watchmen? movie posters
But if you like me are eagerly anticipating what is sure to be one of this year's blockbuster event movies, you'll be loving all the 'Watchmen' movie billboards 'watching over' the streets of sprawling L.A.
Watchmen group movie billboard
Last year it was one of my hot picks for future movies to get excited about in 2009 and now there's less than two weeks until the film is released. Did I mention I'd already booked my cinema ticket for next Friday?
Watchmen teaser movie posters
This new superhero movie directed by Zack Snyder (of '300' fame) stars relatively unfamiliar actors, saving his money by not bringing in Hollywood A-list big names, but choosing to spend the budget to help create the 1980's inspired alternate world of the Watchmen (and no doubt pay for all the high-impact marketing promotion surrounding this movie).
Watchmen movie building billboard
The billboards on sides of buildings and up high above the streets really do stand out against the sprawling city skyline of L.A.
Watchmen movie billboard dominating the Los Angeles skyline
Here are just a few of the advertising billboards showcasing the characters from the forthcoming comic-book inspired movie.
Watchmen movie - Silk Spectre II billboard

Watchmen - Silk Spectre II movie billboard
The super-sexy heroine Silk Spectre II is played by Malin Akerman, star of the movie 27 Dresses and the wonderfully absurd if-you-bare-with-it reality TV parody 'The Comeback' (which starred Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe of Friends fame, as 'Valerie Cherish', one-time sitcom star trying to painfully resuscitate her career).

Watchmen movie - The Comedian billboard 

Watchmen -The Comedian movie billboard

The Comedian played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan of TV's Grey's Anatomy (Denny) and Supernatural fame (the Winchester Boys dad).

Watchmen movie - Rorschach billboard 

Rorschach Watchmen movie billboard
The mysterious masked Rorschach played by Jackie Earle Haley who has starred recently in the movies Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell and All the King's Men with Sean Penn.
Watchmen - Rorschach movie billboard

Watchmen movie - Dr Manhattan billboard

Watchmen movie Dr Manhattan billboard
The bald-headed blue gentleman is Dr. Manhattan and is played by Billy Crudup, star of Big Fish, The Good Shepherd and Almost Famous.
Watcmen movie - Dr Manhattan poster
Rounding out the Watchmen roster are Nite Owl II (he's the one with his arms crossed at the centre of this poster) played by Patrick Wilson from Lakeview Terrace and Little Children...
Large Watchmen Rorschach movie billboard
and finally playing Ozymandias is Matthew Goode from the 2008 remake of Brideshead Revisited. 
Watchmen movie Ozymandius poster
Excited yet? Well if sales of the graphic novel that this movie is based on (by fellow Brits Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons), are anything to go by, I'm sure it'll be another Dark Knight money-spinner for those folks at Warner Bros. Studios, as it's already supposedly the best-selling graphic novel of all-time. Kerching!!
Watchmen film posters around Los Angeles
Let's hope that the marketing money pays off and that this is one over-hyped movie that doesn't disappoint for once...

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