Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful sunsets to relax and inspire you...

After yesterday's problems on the site with slow loading times and not even being able to get on to my blog (how annoying was that), I thought we could all do with some calming images of the beautiful sunsets I've captured so far on my travels.

The first selection are views of the sun setting from the Palisades Park in Santa Monica. I really love the beautiful colours in the sky as the sun finally slips over the horizon.

Santa Monica sunsets over the Pacific Ocean
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean sunsetSanta Monica Sunset
Stunning Pacific Ocean sunset
Final moments of sun over the Pacific Ocean
The next selection of images are also taken in Santa Monica, but this time the dramatic colours in the sky are being affected by the severe wildfires that occurred along the coast in Southern California in November 2008.
Amazing Santa Monica sunset
Palisades Park sunsetSpectacular sunset in Santa Monica
Orange sunset over the Pacific Ocean

The next set of images of the sun going down in Los Angeles were photographed from Runyon Canyon, one of Cooper's favourite dog walking trails. 

There's very few places in L.A. that offer a good vantage point of the sprawling city and the views really do vary depending on what the air quality has been like that day.

Sunsets viewed from Runyon Canyon
Sunset viewed from Runyon Canyon

We don't always make the most of it, but our roof deck offers wonderful views as the sun sets over the Hollywood Hills.

Sunset from our West Hollywood roof deck
Los Angeles sky at night

And finally, the following pictures were taken in January 2009 on our recent trip to snow covered London. They remind me that you don't have to live in sunny California to see amazing sunsets.

Wintery London sunset over the River Thames
River Thames sunset in HammersmithRiver Thames sunset in LondonSun setting over River Thames in London
Ahh, I feel calmer already. There's nothing like looking at pretty pictures to help forget the frustrations and stresses of a day.

Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day before the sun sets on it...

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