Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bench monster...

Our pup Cooper has always had an affinity for our table bench, mainly because it's where we sit when we're at the computer and so where he can be close to us.

5 month old Cooper
Cooper's bench paws at 21 weeks old
The wooden bench was once a favourite chew toy when he was a very young pup and teething, but since then it's become a place to slobber and sleep on.

3 month old naughty pup
3 month pup Cooper chewing the bench
The table and bench set, from Crate & Barrel, is a great space saver and it's easy to tuck the benches underneath the table to allow more room in our main living area. 

Cooper at 10 months
Happy 10 month old bench pup
This helps enormously when we're throwing a ball for Cooper or he has his 'mad five minutes' and decides to dash full pelt around the living room crashing into everything in sight.

2 month old pup Cooper
2 month old pup under bench legs
When Cooper was a young Labrador pup he could easily fit between the bench legs, but now that he's a giant brute of a pup, he can barely fit his body under the whole length of the bench.

Bigger Cooper at 5 months
5 month Cooper too big to fit

10 month old Cooper
10 month old bench pup
For something that's made of wood, which doesn't look all that comfortable, Cooper definitely seems to feel right at home sleeping on it, no matter how precariously he's balanced.

5 month old Cooper
5 month old sleeping bench pup

Cooper at 10 months old
Bench monster

7 month old pup
Bench pup Cooper
Like I said above, he likes to be on the bench with us, either sleeping or chewing a bone or playing with a toy of some kind.

Pup playing at 21 weeks
Pup playing on bench at 21 weeks
We have some of the cutest pictures of Cooper as a young pup on the bench seats, when the size of his puppy paws gave us an indication of just how big he was going to grow.

10 week old Cooper
2 month Labrador puppy on bench10 week old Labrador paws
How could you not love Labradors (and Cooper) after seeing these pictures?

Cooper at 3 months
3 month old pup Cooper
3 month pup sitting on benchIf you love his posing on his bench, you'll love the images we have of our puppy playing at the beach or how great our young Labrador looks under blue skies.

7 month old Cooper
7 month old cooper up on the bench
But I do think you'll agree that, as these photos show, he is such a 'Bench Monster'.

Happy and healthy 21 week old Labrador
Pup paws on bench at 21 weeks
Happy 21 week pup on bench
Even more importantly he's a healthy, happy and sweet-natured pup. 

I'm sure it won't be long before there's only room on the bench for one body though and we all know who that will be don't we...


SGR said...

Woof! Hi there Just want to say HI! Hope all is well. LOVE the photos. Hope to hear from you too. Lots of Golden Woofs! Sugar


hi dude im akarsh from India . i just wanted to leave comment because i have a lab puppy same as yours which is 3 month old and its cost is 1.25 lakhs

Jay Dub said...

Thank you for the pictures with the ages! I just got a 6 week black lab and am glad to know what sizes to expect in the coming months. Man they grow up so fast! :D

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