Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cooper wins his first prize in his inaugural photo contest...

Congratulations Cooper! Our Hollywood Hound won his first prize in a photo contest this month. 

The funny thing is I wasn't planning to enter Cooper, but the Admin for The Daily Puppy saw this picture on my blog and asked if she could enter him. 

He was the third place winner out of 37 entrants for 'Bath Time' photo contest on The Daily Puppy.
Here's the winning picture - Soap Sud Pup Cooper. Maybe it was the bubble mohawk that clinched the prize or most probably the look on Cooper's face, which shows he's barely tolerating his dad taking photos of him in the bath.

He wins a half pound bag of yummy treats from

Cooper's prize
Cooper's prize
He's such a star and it's the first of many wins I think!

Next stop Crufts...

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roentarre said...

Beautiful puppy in deed!

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