Monday, March 9, 2009

Cooper's extended family...

After the last few days of coverage of costumes from the Watchmen movie, I thought you'd like a daily dose of Labrador puppies today. 

This is Maddie the yellow Labrador, she's one of Cooper's relatives and one of those lucky souls whose owners found her through Cooper's fantastic pictures here at Jason in Hollywood.
Maddie the Labrador puppy
How adorable and happy does she look in the back of this convertible? All she needs is a head scarf and some sun glasses and she's a Hollywood starlet.
Labrador Maddie at the beach
Regular visitors last saw her in my review of Marley & Me, when she was only around nine weeks old, but as you can see she's growing fast and has just had all her injections and is raring to get outside.
Beach pup Maddie
These photos are from her first time at the Long Beach Dog Beach. I'm told that she loved the water and playing with all the other dogs there.
Yellow Labrador pup Maddie
You can really see the family resemblance with Cooper, they are both beautiful yellow Labradors.
Puppy Cooper with raised brow
Just so he doesn't feel left out, here are some recent snaps of our ten month old pup. They just get even more character and personality with age. Cooper's face is always so expressive.
Cooper puppy portrait
This morning we were surprised how quiet Runyon Canyon was on our walk, Cooper had hardly any dogs to play with. I think it's due to the clocks going forward and losing an hour yesterday (it's always harder on a working week day), but also because it'll now be lighter in the evenings so people will be able to take their dogs out after work much more easily.
Melancholy puppy Cooper
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Big woof from Maddie and Cooper...

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roentarre said...

Your dog looks soooo cute. A great star light series

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