Friday, March 13, 2009

Jason in Hollywood finally gets his own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame..

One day I'm sure this will come true...

Jason in Hollywood star on Walk of Fame
Although I'm not sure how this will happen, as I seem to be one of the few people in Hollywood who doesn't want to be an actor, singer, writer, composer, director, producer, make-up artist, costume designer (and the list goes on).
Blank Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame
For now I'll just have to make do with this blank symbolic star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Only time will tell...


Michael Rivers said...

I love it! How do I get one with my name on it?

Jason in Hollywood said...

If you just google 'my name on a Hollywood star' or words to that effect, there are a number of sites you can choose from, all with different versions of the same idea.

have fun!

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