Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jason in Hollywood's adventures in a bottle...

No, this blog entry isn't about my battle with alcoholism or having one too many cosmos, it's really about the amazing things you can find online these days. 

I came across the following bits of fun whilst surfing around various blogs and websites. You can design your own packaging for soft drinks, either a bottle or a can, changing colour schemes and fonts, and adding your own individual wording.
Jason in Hollywood bottle
So now you can drink in the 'fabulously refreshing and filled with life' adventures of Jason in Hollywood, or get some of Cooper's exuberance in a can of cola (can you imagine, it would be deadlier than Red Bull).
Cooper cola can
You can find these fantastic widgets and more ideas at 

And for providing you with all this fun, if you get a kick out of Jason in Hollywood, you can do me a favour and still vote for my blog in the Blogger's Choice 2009 Awards
Uncle Sam vote for Jason in Hollywood poster
It requires registering with the website, but it would be much appreciated and would help provide some motivation to keep on blogging (especially as 73% of you gave my blog five ***** stars in the recent poll).

Enjoy making your own creations...

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