Saturday, March 21, 2009


Do you get it? Cooper is recuperating, he's back from the vet and doing well.
Dopey cone head Cooper
He's all micro-chipped, vaccinated against rattlesnakes and has some things missing that he used to like licking a lot.
Lamp shade head pup
He's still a big boy though, weighing in at 70.12 lbs. For some reason I thought he'd be heavier, as he's such a strong pup now and getting harder to lift up.
Coe head Cooper's first steps
It's hard to see at the moment if Cooper has forgiven us, especially as got his own back by giving me a bloody nose yesterday. 
Cone head Cooper on the stairs
He was so excited to see me at the animal hospital, that he jumped up and his cone-head bashed me in the face, hence the nose-bleed - bless him!
Lamp shade Labrador
When he came home he was a little disoriented and had a little accident on the rug - he's not peed on that since he was a little pup, and then he slept for most of the day.
Sleepy cone head pup
He was dopey for most of the time, but had bursts of energy where we saw his old self emerge. The funniest thing though was him walking around with a lamp shade on his head and bumping into everything - trees, furniture, walls.
Wiped out cone head Cooper
The most important thing though is that he came through his surgery with flying colours and seems to be recovering well. As you can imagine we'll be spoiling him rotten the next couple of days (oh who am I kidding, he's completely pampered all the time), although there are some downsides. 
Cone head Cooper playing ball
He's not allowed to play too exuberantly (good luck with that), or go on any long walks (no Runyon Canyon for a few days I'm afraid Coopster) and no visits to the beach or any swimming. Just lots of rest and relaxation. 
Dozing cone head pup Cooper
His protective cone hasn't lasted long either, as he cracked it squeezing underneath the bed last night (where he always sleeps).
Cone head Cooper sleeping beside his dad
Methinks it's going to be a fun (but exhausting) couple of days...

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