Monday, March 16, 2009

West Hollywood sculptures worth a closer look...

This blog entry was initially going to be entitled 'Is this art or should these sculptures belong in a childrens playground..?', but on reflection I think was being too harsh and as I photographed them up close, I found myself liking these colourful sculptures along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.
West Hollywood City sculptures
Peter Shire sculpture West Hollywood
From a distance they do look quite ugly, but it's only when you see them up close that you realise that they are quite fun and quirky.  
Peter Shire colourful geometric sculptures
Sculptures on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood
Sadly I think this effect is lost as you drive past them in your car. Whatever you think, they are certainly eye-catching and definitely worth a closer look.
Peter Shire geometric sculpture
Peter Shire sculpture
These colourful, geometric sculptures are by Los Angeles artist Peter Shire and are on display as part of the City's 'Art on the Outside' program.
Sculptures near Doheny Drive in West Hollywood
Peter Shire West Hollywood sculptures
The six sculptures range in size from twelve to twenty feet in height and can be found between Doheny and Almont Drives on Santa Monica Blvd.
Peter Shire sculpture in West Hollywood
Colourful Peter Shire geometric sculpture
Upon closer inspection you'll see atop the tall sculptures you'll find miniature metal figures whimsically sitting in chairs or climbing up ladders.
Peter Shire WEHO sculpture
Bright and colourful West Hollywood sculptures
If you do get a chance to see them yourself and are in the mood for even more 'art outside' you should continue up Santa Monica Boulevard and enjoy the variety of outdoor sculptures at Beverly Gardens Park in Beverly Hills.
Peter Shire sculpture detail
And if you're still craving more sculptural artworks you should really take a trip to The Getty Center to see The Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Garden, which you'll find at the foot of the hill just by the tram departure area where you wait to be shuttled up the Center.
Peter Shire sculpture on Santa Monica Blvd
I think that the installation will be there until the end of March 2009. 

But if you don't live near, never fear, you've always got my snap happy ways to bring you the latest happenings in all of Hollywood to brighten your day...


roentarre said...

Very interesting image series. The colour is very vibrant there!

ifurniture said...

They are, err, very abstract, and of course colourful.b

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