Friday, March 20, 2009

Where have all the billboards gone...?

I don't want to be alarmist, but ever since this economic crisis began in recent months I've noticed a trend in disappearing advertising billboard sites around L.A. By disappearing, I mean that there have been many blank poster sites or some actually advertising to be rented for long periods of time.
Billboard space for rent in West Hollywood
Maybe it's simply that I've not been here long enough to understand the annual cycle of advertising, so for example the beginning of the year may be slow for advertising, especially if there are less films coming out at the cinema. 
Blank billboard site in Studio City
But even having said all that, in addition to all the blank billboards, there's also been a noticeable rise in seemingly cheap adverts for slimming products, gambling or tacky gentlemen's clubs. Let's hope that we see a return to a better quality and more varied billboard landscape soon. 
Empty billboard on Sunset Blvd
Some people argue that there are too many billboards in L.A. and that they are distracting to drivers, whilst I agree that the moving electronic variety are a bit annoying, I absolutely love the other billboards around Los Angeles.
Empty billboard in Los Angeles
It's not just because the colourful and creative imagery helps make the architecturally challenged L.A. skyline more interesting, but it's also because you see amazingly large posters over the sides of buildings that can be seen for miles, just like all the recent Watchmen movie billboards, it's something we don't see that often back home in the UK.
Billboard sign for lease
It also seems that people all over the world love billboard advertising too, as there are whole Flickr groups dedicated to them and lots of people visit Jason in Hollywood to see all the cool and funky billboards around L.A.
Blank billboard on Sunset Boulevard
But never fear, even if there is a reduction in billboards, I'll still keep bringing you the best of the bunch. 
Blank billboard in Los Angeles
Do you think they'd give me a blank billboard to advertise Jason in Hollywood for free? I doubt it, but maybe I'll see my blog splashed across L.A.'s skyline one day.

Keep your eyes wide open...

p.s. I'm off to pick up Cooper at the vet, who last we heard, was resting comfortably after his operation yesterday.


J said...

I've also noticed that they are not being replaced. On my route to work there are still billboards for Marley and Me, and the first episode of 24, which haven't changed.

Jason in Hollywood said...

What really annoys me is when I still see billboards for Christmas stuff - it's mid-March already, change them!

J said...

:) maybe they are economising by leaving them there until next Christmas.


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