Saturday, April 11, 2009

40,000 visitors - the sky's the limit...

Fantastic news folks, Jason in Hollywood has now officially broken the 40,000 visitor barrier. Not so bad for a blog about my adventures here in L.A.
Pretty much my only New Year resolution was to reach 50,000 visitors in 2009, so I think that goal now looks perfectly achievable. It seems the sky's the limit and Jason in Hollywood is fast becoming the 'little blog that can'

Just as exciting from a quality (and geeky web enthusiast) point of view is that my Google PageRank has now increased from 2 to 3. I'm still some way off the top score of 10, but the great news is that I'm moving on up in the right direction.

So keep coming to visit for more on my adventures around L.A., plus the latest movie reviews, movie costumes and props on display, great places to eat, cool billboards and the on-going exploits of our adorable yellow Labrador Cooper.
Cooper and Jason celebrate 40,000 visitors
I'll leave you now with some 'Cooper kisses', as our pup congratulates me on my sterling website performance.

See you soon...

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