Saturday, April 4, 2009

A day at Disneyland, California...

After over a year of living here in L.A., I finally made it to Disneyland to enjoy a day of theme park rides and family fun. 
Disneyland Fantasyland Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Even though I did visit Disneyland Park in California for the Candlelight Ceremony at Christmas time, I didn't get a chance to enjoy all the rides and attractions on offer.
Disneyland dance parade
With my family in town on vacation, it was the perfect opportunity to visit the Disney parks and get a different perspective accompanying a seven and ten year old, than I did about five years ago when I visited with some grown up friends. 
Mickey Mouse at Disneyland California
The kids loved it and were absolutely in awe of everything.
Mickey Mouse and Winnie the pooh at Disneyland
We had a great time driving cars on the Autopia ride in Tomorrowland, getting absolutely soaked at Splash Mountain in Critter Country and Soarin' over California in California Adventure Park
Disneyland Winnie the pooh and Tigger too!
My favourite ride still has to be California Screamin' though, as it was five years ago. The last ride of the day, it is the best rollercoaster in the park and made up for all the queuing for all the other attractions throughout the day.
Disneyland Celebrate street party parade
We totally gave ourselves over to the experience, ate burgers and hotdogs and danced along to the Celebrate! Street Party Parade
Sailing Ship Columbia at Disneyland
If you're wondering what our pup, Cooper, was up to yesterday whilst we were at the park, don't worry he was having his own adventures. 
Rivers of America at Disneyland California
We didn't leave until late morning and our friend picked him up after work and took him to play with his favourite gal pals Dot, Ginger and Loki (or is that terrorise them), in his backyard.
Taste Pilot's gRill in California Adventure Park
Being a Friday and so close to Easter it was really busy at the Parks and so we barely scratched the surface of what Disneyland had to offer. 
Disney Sunshine Plaza in California Adventure
Luckily my family have another few days to explore and enjoy everything, whilst it's only an hour drive away for us and I'm sure this isn't the last time I'll visit.
Greetings from Disney's California Adventure
Next week they get to see a bit more of California, when they get to see a few of L.A.'s top landmarks and attractions.

I think I'm going to be busy playing tour guide and putting all my adventures in Los Angeles to good use.. 

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AVCr8teur said...

This place has really changed the last time I visited.

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