Friday, April 24, 2009

Geese flock to Sycamore Cove to watch puppy at play...

Following our dolphin-spotting at Zuma Beach in Malibu on Sunday, we thought Cooper deserved an outing of his own to his favourite dog beach, Sycamore Cove in Ventura County.
Birds in formation over Pacific Ocean
In the past we've marveled at the majestic pelicans flying over the shoreline, but this time it was the turn of a flock of geese flying in formation low over the Pacific Ocean that mesmerized us. 
Geese formation at Sycamore Cove
It was almost as if a swarm of black insects were emerging from beneath the waves and buzzing along the coast. 
Geese formation flying over Sycamore Cove
It was amazing to watch as they sped past over the horizon as far as the eye could see.
Geese over the Pacific Ocean
No doubt they were swooping low to get a good view of Cooper at play on the beach as he frolicked in the surf chasing his frisbees and tennis ball (or they could have been diving for fish I suppose).
One year old beach pup
Pup surf fun
To say he loves it at the beach is an understatement and he'll play until he's thoroughly exhausted.
Puppy tennis ball fun at the beach
Pink frisbee Labrador
He's getting better at catching his frisbees, although he does have a tendency to chew them as well, which makes it harder to throw and means they don't tend to last long.
Happy frisbee pup
Sycamore Cove puppy frisbee fun
The last time I'd been at Sycamore Cove they'd been building a graveyard set for some TV or movie filming. 
Pup splashing through the surf
Salty water pup licking his lips
This time there was nothing as interesting as that happening, but for a moment we thought we'd stumbled upon the location from the beginning of the movie Grease when Sandy and Danny are on the beach. 
Sycamore Cove rocks
Sadly upon checking on our return home on the internet and on DVD, our hopes were dashed, but it's really not that dissimilar. 
Waves crashing over rocks at Sycamore Cove
I'm also amazed at how big Cooper's paws looked in the sand, especially next to my relatively small feet.
Beach feet and puppy paw prints
Now that he's a year old, he's looking more and more like a real Labrador Retriever compared to his first time at the beach when he was only a seventeen week old pup.
Tired 12 month old beach pup
Happy Sycamore Cove pup
As Cooper and I were accompanied by our friend visiting from the UK, on the way back home we stopped off and took some photographs of the Ventura County and scenic Malibu coastlines.
Ventura County coastlineMalibu beach homes
We also admired the beautiful beach homes along the Malibu shore and wondered (or dreamed) if we'd ever be able to afford a place like that in our futures (and what we'd have to do to get it).
Malibu beach house view
Obviously my plan is to make Cooper the next 'Marley' and for us to make millions out of his adorable looks and sweet nature.
Backseat driver Cooper
I'm sure he would like his own ocean front home with a private beach as much as we would...


Nanc Twop said...

Our dog chewed frisbee$ too.

Solution for us came from an old builder; he gave us lids from 5-gallon buckets. Very tough.

*So, if you get some, throw carefully beyond him until he learns how to catch this harder disk. Have fun!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Hey thanks for the top-tips!

Cooper is going through a bit of a chewing phase, so no toys are safe at the moment! :-)

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