Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Cooper - 1 year old today...

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper! What a milestone.

Cooper's Happy Birthday balloons
To help celebrate our yellow Labrador's first Birthday, here are twelve fantastic images of Cooper at home and out and about in L.A. for you to enjoy.

I've tried to select a photograph from each month of his life (including two around the same age for when we first got him at eight weeks), that show all aspects of his personality - cute, mischievous, happy, playful, proud, you get the idea...

Adorable Cooper at 8 weeks
8 week old yellow Labrador pup Cooper

At 8 weeks with his toy Ducky
8 week Cooper with Ducky

9 week old mischievous pup
9 week old mischievous puppy

In his favourite bookcase at 15 weeks
Cooper in the bookcase at 15 weeks

First beach visit at 17 weeks
Pup's first beach visit at 17 weeks

Playful 6 month old Cooper
6 month pup with rope

7 month old Cooper overlooking L.A.
7 month Labrador Cooper

8 month old puppy face
8 month puppy face Cooper

9 month old beach pup at Sycamore Cove
9 month beach puppy

10 month old bench monster
10 month bench pup Cooper

Proud and beautiful 11 month old Labrador
11 month yellow Labrador Cooper

One year old Birthday pup Cooper
Happy Birthday balloons for 12 month old Cooper
Look at how much he's grown. He's become such a huge part of our life this past year and now that he's one year old, I suppose we should stop calling him a 'puppy' and start calling him a 'dog'

However grown up he looks, he'll always be 'our pup' to us though.

Let's see what changes and adventures the next twelve months will bring...

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