Monday, April 6, 2009

Hot male model billboards to enjoy...

As there seem to be a few Abercrombie & Fitch advertising admirers out there (and who doesn't like their brand imagery?), I thought I'd treat you all to a collection of billboard advertising that feature some hot male models in their underwear, swimwear, not much at get the idea.

Abercrombie & Fitch
Abercrombie & Fitch male model in field billboard
Hot Abercrombie & Fitch male model billboard
Hot Abercrombie male model billboard

Emporio Armani
David Beckham Armani underwear billboard from New York
Hot David Beckham Emporio Armani underwear billboard

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein male underwear billboard on Sunset Blvd
Calvin Klein jeans billboard on Sunset Blvd

Armani Exchange
Armani Exchange Male underwear billboard on Santa Monica Blvd

AussieBum male underwear billboard in West HollywoodAussieBum male swimwear billboard in West HollywoodAussieBum male underwear billboard

Now isn't that a nice way to start the week? Who doesn't like scantily clad buff male models of a Monday (or any day of the week for that matter).

I'll keep my eyes peeled for more great billboards from around L.A. to bring you in the future.

For now, relax and enjoy...

If you want more hot male model billboards visit Daily Billboard.

1 comment:

Malc said...

That's too cool Jason, though I really like David Beckham among all the billboard.

He's the man for me, not too masculine - he's really sexy especially when I see him playing football. No question why he is the 2008 E! Online Sexiest Man and posting huge billboard for his New Emporio Armani Underwear Ad Photos.

Hope to see more 2009 photos of him. Thanks for the billboard pictures, I enjoyed seeing others aside David Becks...

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