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The intriguing sculptures of The Getty Center...

If you like contemporary art, you'll find excellent examples of modern sculpture at The Getty Center dotted around the complex and in the Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Terrace and Gardens.

There's a fabulous selection of bronze, steel and ceramic pieces of all shapes, colours and sizes that really stand out against the clean lines and light-coloured walls of The Getty Center.

Here are a few photographs of the sculptures for you to enjoy...

Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Terrace

Delusions of Grandeur
Delusions of Grandeur at The Getty Sculpture Terrace
This intriguing bronze is by Belgian Rene Magritte from 1967 and can be found in the Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Terrace beside a number of other interesting bronze works.
Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Terrace at The GettyGetty Center Sculpture Terrace

Figure for Landscape
Getty Center sculpture
'Figure for Landscape' by British artist Barbara Hepworth, was designed in 1960 and cast in 1968.

Torso of Dina
Torso of Dina at Getty Sculpture Terrace
This bronze statue, 'Torso of Dina', is from 1943 by Aristide Maillol.

Torso of Summer
Torso of Summer sculpture
'Torso of Summer' is another Aristide Maillol bronze from 1911.

Seated Woman
Seated Woman sculpture at The Getty
The bronze above by fellow Brit, Henry Moore, was designed in 1958-59 and cast in 1975.

The Getty Center Arrival Plaza sculptures

Getty Center Arrival Plaza Air sculpture
In the Arrival Plaza as you get off the trams, that ferry you to and from The Getty Center, you'll be greeted by this lead sculpture, entitled 'Air', by French sculptor Aristide Maillol. It was designed in 1938 and cast in 1962.
Standing sentry at the Arrival Plaza, with views to the north behind it of the Santa Monica Mountains, you'll find this impressive metal sculpture.
Arrival Plaza sculpture at The Getty Center
Around the corner from the Arrival Plaza you'll also find this colourful modern piece.
Colourful Getty Center sculpture

Lower Terrace Sculpture Garden

Walking Flower
Walking Flower sculpture at The Getty Center
Beside the beautifully landscaped Central Garden at The Getty, you'll find six more sculptures in the Lower Terrace Sculpture Garden, including this wonderful glazed ceramic piece by French artist Fernand Leger.
Walking Flower glazed ceramic sculpture at Getty Center
Designed in 1952-53, 'Walking Flower' was cast in 1982-83.

Untitled bronze sculpture by Joel Shapiro at The Getty Center
This unnamed bronze piece is by American Joel Shapiro from 1982-85 and I have to say it's not one of my favourite sculptures, whilst on the other hand I think the next piece is fantastic and has the best name ever.

Gandydancer's Dream
Gandydancer's Dream painted steel sculptureMark di Suvero's Gandydancer's Dream sculpture
I love the dragon-like qualities of the painted steel work by Mark Si Suvero. This American artist was born in China and you can clearly see the Eastern influence in his sculpture from 1988.
Gandydancer's Dream sculpture at The Getty CenterGandydancer's Dream in Getty sculpture garden

Three Squares Gyratory
Three Squares Gyratory at The Getty Center
This kinetic, wind-activated gyratory by American George Rickey was made in 1971.
Spiny Top, Curly Bottom
Getty Center Spiny Top, Curly Bottom sculpture
This arresting red painted steel metalwork is from 1963 by American Alexander Calder and looks great against the interesting architecture of The Getty Center.
Spiny Top, Curly Bottom sculpture at Gety Center

The Jousters
The Jousters sculptures at The Getty Center
'The Jousters' are more painted steelwork by Alexander Calder from 1963.
The Jousters sculptures at The Getty Center
These pieces especially remind me of the geometric sculptures to be found in West Hollywood.
The Jousters sculptures at The Getty terrace garden
Finally for the Lower Terrace Garden, I'm unsure what this brushed steel piece is called, but I do like its simplistic design, especially when you view it with sprawling L.A. behind it.
Steel sculpture at The GettyBrushed steel sculpture at The Getty Center

Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Garden
Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Garden at The Getty Center
Last but certainly not least, is a collection of sculptures to be found down by the tram station at the entrance to The Getty.

It would be easy to walk past this lovely little garden without discovering its delights, but on my first visit to the Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Garden last October I was quite enamoured with the tranquil and colourful space.

Bronze Form
Bronze Form sculpture by Henry Moore
Henry Moore's golden 'Bronze Form' from 1985 is the clearly highlight of the Sculpture Garden and stands out instantly.
Henry Moore's Bronze Form sculpture
It looks spectacular framed against the Santa Monica Mountains and gleaming under the wonderful Southern Californian sunshine.

The Tent of Holofernes
The Tent of Holofernes bronze sculpture
Isamu Noguchi's 'The Tent of Holofernes' bronze sculpture has an interesting name and it is equally intriguing to look at.
The Tent of Holofernes bronze sculpture
This piece was originally designed as a stage set in 1950 for choreographer and dancer Martha Graham's production, 'Judith', and later cast in 1978.

Figure bronze sculpture by Joan Miro
'Figure' was designed in 1976 by Spanish artist Joan Miro and cast in 1985.

Large Metamorphic Venus
Large metamorphic Venus sculpture
This simple bronze outdoor sculpture is by British sculptor William Turnbull from 1983.
Large metamorphic Venus bronze sculpture

Running Man
Elisabeth Frink's Running Man bronze sculpture
The remaining bronze sculptures here are both by Brit, Elisabeth Frink. The 'Running Man' is from 1978 and 'Horse' piece is from 1980.
Elisabeth Frink's Horse bronze sculpture
I'm not usually a fan of horses, but I do like this life-like sculpture a lot.
Elisabeth Frink - Horse bronze sculpture

I hope you've enjoyed these sculptures on display at The Getty Center, I seem to discover new ones and look at them in different ways each time I see them, especially depending on the weather.

So until the next time I visit, enjoy the art...

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