Thursday, April 2, 2009

Return to Runyon Canyon...

Just like the movie 'Race to Witch Mountain', except the 'Return to Runyon Canyon' for Cooper involves far more adventure and excitement than you can shake a stick at - no matter the size of the stick!
No stick is too big for Cooper
This week Cooper returned to his favourite off-leash hiking trail in L.A. after recovering from his surgery. He seems to have calmed down considerably since 'the snip' and is not so frisky on his walks, although in a reversal of roles, other dogs seem to be able to sense the change in him and want to take advantage of him much more.
Tiring cooper at Runyon Canyon
Aside from that, Cooper hasn't changed that much and thoroughly enjoyed racing around the dirt trail, playing with all the other flavours of dogs there. After his first walk back at Runyon Canyon on Monday he was totally wiped out, not quite having recovered his stamina, but by yesterday he was back on fighting form and bouncing back in no time at all.
Be careful slippery slope sign
The only scare I had yesterday was when he was running ahead and I rounded the corner to discover he'd seemingly disappeared. I wondered if he'd gone scampering through the brush on the side of the trail or chasing off up ahead after another dog, and for that heart-sinking moment I thought I'd lost him, but when I asked someone they had spotted him further up the hillside. What a relief. 
Walking pup off leash at Runyon Canyon
Perhaps he'd seen someone ahead and thought it was me, as there didn't seem to be any other dog involved, but all I know is that I was covered head-to-toe in slobber during our happy reunion. And I wouldn't have it any other way, but less of the disappearing act please pup.
Cooper loves sticks
My family arrive today from the UK to enjoy the delights of Disneyland for the first time and then to stay with us in West Hollywood, so shortly Cooper with have some new playmates to help keep him amused. 

I'm not sure who will tire out first though, our eleven month old puppy or my seven year old nephew - place your bets now...

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