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Top ten most popular Jason in Hollywood images on Flickr...

I'm always looking for great ways to drive awareness of Jason in Hollywood and broaden my audience, so very early on in my blogging days I made sure I uploaded a selection of my favourite images from out and about in L.A. onto Flickr

In case you didn't know, Flickr allows you to share photos with friends, family and all those who may be interested in what you've been taking pictures of. And the best news is that it's free to use (well your first 200 images are anyway).

So here are the current TOP TEN images from my Jason in Hollywood Flickr photostream for you to enjoy:

1 - Heath Ledger's Joker costume from the movie The Dark Knight
Joker costumes from The Dark Knight movie
7,862 views to date

It's no surprise that the movie costumes from the smash hit Dark Knight film were going to be popular, what was surprising to me was that so many more people were interested in The Joker costume than the Bat-suit

Is that because of the 'Heath Ledger effect' or simply because Batman's arch-enemy is such an iconic villain? 

2 - Original cast costumes from Mamma Mia The Movie
Original costumes from Mamma Mia The Movie
6,040 views to date

Although not a critically successful film (and certainly not the best musical performances in the world by some cast members), Mamma Mia - The Movie was incredibly popular and a box office hit last year.

I actually snapped these costumes on display at the ArcLight Hollywood on the same day I took the photos of The Dark Knight costumes. If I'd have known how popular this image would be, I'd have merrily snapped some more pictures.

3 - Clown masks from The Dark Knight movie
Clown masks from The Dark Knight movie
5,342 views to date

Again I was surprised to see how popular this image is. maybe people just like clowns, even scary ones?

4 - Abercrombie & Fitch male model billboard 
on Sunset Boulevard from August 2008
Hot Abercrombie & Fitch male model bilboard
5,187 views to date

What's not to like about this picture? Abercrombie & Fitch advertising and brand imagery is notoriously gay-friendly with its buff, semi-naked male models. 

I'm looking forward to a new Abercrombie billboard on Sunset Boulevard for Spring 2009, as the current offering leaves a lot to be desired.

5 - Christian Bale's Batman suit from The Dark Knight movie
Christian Bale's Batman suit
3,461 views to date

Finally Batman's suit gets a look in.

6 - Eight week old puppy Cooper sitting
8 week old yellow Labrador Cooper
1,934 views to date

It seems an absolute lifetime away since Cooper was this tiny and adorable, now he's just huge and equally adorable.

7 - Eight week old puppy Cooper smiling
8 week old yellow Labrador pup Cooper
1,836 views to date

This picture was taken many moons ago on the day we brought Cooper home - he looks so cute and happy (and so full of mischief).

8 - Costumes from characters Bella and Edward 
from the Twilight movie
Bella and Edward Twilight movie costumes
1,815 views to date

Twilight is not a movie I've seen, but I know the books have a huge following and so I knew that people would be interested in these costumes from the movie adaptation.

9 - Heath Ledger's Joker billboard for The Dark Knight movie 
on Santa Monica Boulevard
Heath Ledger Joker billboard
1,494 views to date

Again, The Dark Knight factor strikes again. The advertising billboards for this movie were really impactful and there are more creative executions just outside my top ten most popular Flickr images. 

10 - Ten week old puppy Cooper on the bench 
with his blue toy and big paws
10 week old Labrador puppy paws
1,244 views to date

The massive paws were always a dead giveaway to how big he'd grow. I think this photo also shows how much character and personality Cooper has, especially the emotion he can convey with his eyes.

And there you have them, the TOP TEN images from Jason in Hollywood's Flickr account. Who knows if they'll remain the most popular pictures in the months to come, maybe we'll just have to revisit the most viewed images in the future.

Until then, I'll keep snapping away on my camera...

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