Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trouble with a capital 'T'...

Today I thought we'd catch up with Cooper, or as we like to call him sometimes 'Trouble'. Don't get me wrong, he's not a bad pup and he's nowhere near as destructive as Marley, but he does have his moments. 
Trouble with a capital T
From this photo you can see the mischief in his eyes, probably because he's halfway through one of his mad dashes around our condo, where he races from room to room (often with bone in mouth), bashing into mirrors and furniture alike without a care in the world.
Mischievous pup Cooper
The flip side of this is when he looks absolutely sweet and angelic, like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth - usually when he's exhausted from a day of mischief.
Worn out pup
Our eleven month old Labrador is such a sweet-natured pup though and not at all aggressive. Exuberant yes, aggressive no. Saying that he did give me a bloody nose after we'd had him neutered (his revenge I suppose, although it was more about how excited he was to see me when I collected him at the vet) and we've both got our share of cuts, scrapes and scars from when he was teething and he had his puppy claws. 
9 weeks old Cooper biting my shorts
I'm also constantly covered in bruises from him crashing into me, knocking me over on our Runyon Canyon walks or bashing me with his massive paws when we're playing.
Cooper hogging the sofa
So he's not a destructive dog, but he does like to get in the way. He follows us around the apartment from room to room and generally gets underfoot at times. When I'm ironing he'll gladly lie over clothes and in the past he quite liked to chew the iron cable (which thankfully he has grown out of).
Pup chewing plants
He's still quite a bouncy pup and it's always an experience to share the elevator down to the parking garage with Cooper and any of our neighbours, the confined space is not ideal.
Cooper - plant menace
The other thing we still haven't cured him of yet is his fondness for our plants on the roof deck which he loves to chew on or literally shredding palm fronds and other tree branches out on our walks.
Palm branch shredding pup
He's also a voracious toy destroyer and we really have to pick and choose his new toys with care these days as they generally last only five minutes if we don't. 
Cooper - toy destroyer
So tough and sturdy is the name of the game, whatever his predicament. Not even a cone-head could stop him getting the stuffing out of this toy in less than ten minutes.
Pup chewing toys
But overall he's a good pup, even when he's a terror, and the fact that he's just so darn cute, helps to excuse a lot of things.
Snuggle pup
So once you get past the constant drool and slobber, dirty puppy paw-prints, dog hair everywhere and the fact that all your clothes have become 'dog clothes', you realise he's no trouble at all...

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SGR said...

Woof! Nope, not trouble at all. It's the best "T" you can have. Lots of Golden Woofs! Sugar

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