Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trying out the new dog showers at Arroyo Burro Beach...

On Sunday after a fun time at Arroyo Burro Beach in Santa Barbara we tried out the new dog showers they've recently installed in the car park.
New dog showers at Arroyo Burro Beach
The showers are a fantastic way to get all the salt and sand off your dog after a couple of hours of hard play along the beach and racing through the waves with all the other dogs.
Arroyo Burro Beach dog shower fun
They are in pristine condition and you get a choice of different shampoos (we opted for the Tea Tree Oil), with different shower head settings and a hair dryer (or air blower), which Cooper didn't really like, but we'd brought a dog towel and it was a nice sunny day so it didn't take long for him to dry off. 
Washing pup at Arroyo Burro Beach showers
Plus there's a disinfectant setting to wash out the tub after you've finished with your dog so it's nice and clean for the next person.

So those were the 'after' pictures, here are some of the 'before' shots so you can see why Cooper needed a good rinse through.
Tennis ball fun for beach pup
We got to the dog beach early, around 10am, which is always advisable as it's a popular beach and the car park fills up quickly and there's not many spaces.
Happy labrador splashing through the waves
Cooper knew instantly where we were when we parked the car and he raced to the beach dragging us behind him.
Cooper dashing through the surf
There were fewer dogs than last time, but many more gorgeous Labradors and retrievers - obviously Santa Barbara must be a place for 'lab-lovers'.
Labradors at Arroyo Burro Dog Beach
The tide was coming in (maybe that's why it was quieter), so we didn't walk as far along the shore, but he still managed to play with pretty much every dog on the beach.
Arroyo Burro Dog beach puppy pals
Dogs playing in the waves at Arroyo Burro Beach
We shared the sandy shore, also known by locals as Hendry's Beach, with families, fellow dog owners and the occasional lizard on the cliff face, plus Cooper shared the Pacific Ocean with surfers, which seemed to totally bemuse him.
Arroyo Burro beach dogs and surfers
Puppy chasing surfers
As always at the beach there was lots of chasing tennis balls and frisbees, plus a new trick, trying to steal other dogs sticks. Can you imagine a 70lb pup hurtling through the waves towards you? No wonder the dog below looks slightly alarmed.
Chasing sticks at Arroyo Burro dog beach
Cooper was much more confident in the water this time after his first visit to Arroyo Burro Dog Beach and it's a much better place for him to run into the ocean, as at our local haunt, Sycamore Cove in Ventura County, the beach tends to shelve away much quicker.  
Arroyo Burro Dog Beach fun
The only thing you have to watch here when he's swimming in the ocean is the seaweed floating along the shore.
Arroyo Burro dog beach frisbee fun
Ball fun at Arroyo Burro Dog beach
As well as seaweed washing up on the beach you also find tons of spare tennis balls, so if you ever forget a toy for your dog, never fear you're sure to pick up another one there.
Pup playing at Arroyo Burro Dog Beach
I also can't get over how much of a grown-up dog Cooper looks like now he's twelve months old. He's just this mass of muscle these days and seems to be getting longer by the day, although people look at his paws and tell us he's still got some growing to do yet.
Racing along Arroyo Burro Dog Beach
Fun at Arroyo Burro Dog Beach
Nothing changes with Cooper though as you can see, even after his shower he's back on form tearing up the neighbourhood, amusing everyone with his antics and shredding those palm branches.
Nothing changes for Cooper at Arroyo Burro Dog beach
Aside from the obvious fun he has at the beach, the other satisfying thing about taking him there is that he totally wears himself out and we get a much calmer pup the rest of the day.
Exhausted pup after Arroyo Burro Dog Beach
Come back tomorrow to see Cooper's first time venturing onto Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara...


catzgarden said...

Cooper is the sweetest dog! He loves Hendry's, and has taken to the Pacific Ocean like a native....

Great posts - thanks for the pics.

I can tell the three of you love Santa Barbara - so do I!

Thanks -


Jason in Hollywood said...

We love Hendry's beach - it's a shame we don't live closer as Cooper would be there all the time :-)

Nikki G said...

Thanks for the info and pics. We are taking our lab tomorrow and can't wait!!!! :)

Jason in Hollywood said...

Hope you have fun Nikki, it's a great beach and those showers really make a difference afterwards!!

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