Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where are all the animals at the L.A. Zoo...?

It seems such a simple question, but the answer to Where are all the animals at L.A. Zoo?, is a bit more complicated.
Los Angeles Zoo Meerkats
With my family in town on vacation and with two small children to entertain, after a morning trip to the Griffith Observatory to enjoy the wonders of space and the fantastic views of the L.A basin, we headed further into Griffith Park to the L.A. Zoo on Saturday afternoon to spot some wild animals.
Los Angeles Zoo
Firstly we couldn't get over the ticket queue to get into the Zoo, maybe Spring Break and Easter timing had something to do with that, but the main thing that stuck out about our visit was where were all the animals?
Lion statue at LA Zoo
Or more accurately where were all what I'd call the 'interesting' animals?
Triceratops sculpture at LA ZooDinosaur sculpture at LA Zoo
What we discovered were quite a sorry bunch of specimens (plus a few sculptures and statues too).
Camel at Los Angeles Zoo
The elephants were absent because they are building a new enclosure for them, the rhinoceros was at the vet and most of the other animals were either asleep or looked like they were stuffed.
Sleeping lion at Los Angeles Zoo
LA Zoo HippoKangaroo at LA Zoo
After living here for over a year now, it was a great opportunity to check out another of L.A.'s local attractions, but even that's not as easy as it sounds, as I didn't find the way to the Zoo to be that clearly sign-posted when driving there.
Zebras at LA Zoo
Plus it didn't help that the layout of the Zoo isn't very visitor-friendly and that the sign-posts are not that helpful to get you from habitat to habitat and there seem to be a shortage of staff to help point people in the right direction too.
Pelican at LA Zoo
The giraffes were the most animated and interesting animals to watch and seemed happy, frolicking about for the crowd in their paddock.
Giraffes at LA ZooGiraffe head at LA ZooLA Zoo giraffes
The gorilla enclosure was also one of the better sights (when you could see past the hordes of visitors).
Gorilla enclosure at LA Zoo
Gorilla at LA ZooGorillas at LA Zoo
To be honest I was a bit disappointed with the selection of exotic birds and animal life on offer at L.A. Zoo. In fact they seemed to have every flavour of antelope and mountain goat, as if they were on special offer at K-Mart or something.
LA Zoo ramAntelope at LA Zoo
LA Zoo mountain goatLA Zoo antelope
Alien-like antelope at LA Zoo
I may be a bit biased, but London Zoo seems much better by far. I've also heard rave reviews about San Diego Zoo, so maybe that's where I'll go the next time I need a zoo fix.
LA Zoo Koala Bear
From all these photos you may wonder what I'm talking about 'no animals', but maybe it was just that the L.A. Zoo didn't really inspire me at all about the wonders of the world's wildlife. Anyway here are a few more reptiles (crocodiles and alligators)...
Alligator at LA Zoo
Chinese crocodile at LA Zoo
LA Zoo alligator
Birds (toucans, pelicans and peacocks)...
Pelicans at LA Zoo
Toucan bird at LA ZooPeacock at LA Zoo
Mammals (kangaroos, zebras, meerkats, camels and more)...
LA Zoo zebrasCamel at LA Zoo
Red Kangaroos feeding at LA Zoo
Our Zoo visit kept us occupied for an afternoon, but left us all a little underwhelmed.
Meerkat at LA Zoo
Thankfully the delights of Universal Studios Hollywood the next day were a lot more entertaining (and we even got to see a few animals, although I'm not sure if an animatronic 'Donkey' counts, even if he was extremely cute and funny)...

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J said...

We were members of the zoo for a year, but whenever we went, the kids just wanted to play on the playground and ride on the train. So we're not any more.

If you go to SD Zoo, be sure to post a report!

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