Thursday, May 7, 2009

A brand new day at Runyon Canyon, same old puppy...

You can always guarantee that no matter how hot, how many dogs or how tired he is, Cooper will always find the most awkward and cumbersome stick to carry, no matter if a smaller alternative is available. Cooper and his big awkward stick

So it was business as usual at 8am this morning as we tried to beat the strong sun and soaring temperatures at Runyon Canyon. Amidst the exercising celebs (Desperate Housewives Shawn Pyfrom) and other dog walkers trying to get an early start, Cooper was up to his usual tricks trying to sweep the legs out from under everyone. 

Luckily everyone thought he was very cute, but I'm not sure they'd be thinking that if he knocked them down the slope.

Ah well, no harm done today...

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