Friday, May 22, 2009

Get your thinking cap on for Cooper's comedy caption contest...

Welcome to the second installment of Cooper's comedy caption contest

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with the funniest captions for the following pictures of our yellow Labrador pup up to his usual mischief.

Blast from the past
9 week mischievous Cooper

Costume Cooper
Frowning festive antler pup

Pup at home
8 month old puppy face Cooper

Pup at the beach
Dog ears flapping at the beach

Sleeping pup
Wiped out 5 month old bench Cooper

Pup at play
Cooper with a spring in his step

Simply email me or post your suggestions here at Jason in Hollywood and as always you'll be rewarded for you efforts with lots of affection and 'Cooper kisses'.

Also don't forget to vote and let me know your age in my new poll, as it'd be great to know more about my visitors.

Enjoy the weekend, especially everyone in the U.S. with an extended three day Memorial Day break...


J said...

For "Pup at Play"

Come on, stop fiddling with the camera and take the picture. I can't stand like this forever.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks J, keep them coming!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Some more suggestions from Rosie by email:

Blast from the Past
Grrrr move over Arnie, I am the Terminator

Costume Cooper
."and I thought I was dreaming that I was a reindeer - thank god the flashing nose didn't fit...."

Pup at home
Yep I sure need Daddy's wrinkle cream

Pup at the beach
Hee hee I could get a part on Star Trek with my ears - move over Spock

Sleeping pup
If I pretend to be asleep long enough Daddy may put the camera away....

Pup at play
He bounded along enthusiastically to solve the case of the missing leg........

Jason in Hollywood said...

More great captions from Labrador.adore (owner of 4 Labradors herself):

"Retrieve!? Give it to you!? Noooo Way! I'll show you who is the Alpha dog!!!!!!"

"Maybe, if I keep these on, Santa Paws will bring me more presents....."

"Dad.....wake up. WAKE UP RIGHT NOW! It's time to eat my barkfest and go for my walk!"

"Life is great..........yeh, it's soooooo great!!!!!!
Thanks Dad."

COOPER, pretending to be in the sauna room, but enjoying the benefits of air conditioning.

"HEY...........don't throw away the rest of that sandwich. See.....I have a frisbee...uhh I mean plate. Put it right here..........pllllllleeeease!!!!!

Love you Cooper!

Jason in Hollywood said...

One more from Labradore.adore:

"It's too close to Christmas to be NAUGHTY. I guess I'll just have to be NICE....I think I'm bored!"

keep_on_laughing89 said...

Blast from the past.

"We interrupt your programming with news just in, papa smurf has been castrated!" :) x

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