Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Star Trek movie costumes and props on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks...

On second viewing J.J. Abrams Star Trek is just as fantastic and mind-blowing an experience as the first time.
Red female Starfleet Star Trek movie costume
For your enjoyment here are a selection of more Star Trek movie costumes and props that were on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema

Movie costumes and props on display 
at ArcLight Sherman Oaks
Original Star Trek red female Starfleet uniform
This female costume is the red Starfleet uniform worn by the likes of Uhura in the new Star Trek movie. The updated style manages to retain the retro feel of the classic 60's TV series outfits, but still feel fresh and new.
Star Trek red female Starfleet uniform movie costume
Below are some costumes worn by the alien cultures in the movie. 
Star Trek Vulcan and Romulan movie costumes
On the left is an outfit worn by a Vulcan scientist in the future of Prime Spock (seen during his mind-meld with young Kirk when they are prepping the Vulcan ship with the red matter) and on the right is one of the costumes worn by a Romulan from the future
Original STar Trek Movie costumes
In the display case below are more Romulan weapons, plus examples of Starfleet phasers and communication devices.
Actual Star Trek movie weapon props
On watching the movie for the second time I was reminded about a few of my initial observations. For me 'new' Trek seems to have more of a Star Wars feel to it. Maybe they are just paying homage to the sci-fi classic, but the ice planet that Kirk is marooned on could easily be the planet Hoth from Empire Strikes Back, especially with the bear-like creature he's chased by. 
Star Trek The Future Begins movie billboard
Plus the aliens look more like those you'd find in a Star Wars bar, than your classic 'fore-head' Trek creations. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but it's definitely noticeable. It'll be interesting to see if they have any more alien looking crew members in the next film.

Here are also a few more photographs of the other Star Trek costumes and props that were on display at the Cinerama Dome and ArcLight Hollywood 'departure board' entrance foyer.

Star Trek Vulcan Elder female movie costume
I now think that above is a costume worn by one of the female Vulcan Elders rescued by 'young' Spock before the planet Vulcan is destroyed.
Star Trek Starfleet and Romulan movie props
These are more examples of the Romulan weapons and Federation communicator props from the movie.
Star Trek Romulan weapon movie prop
As you've seen the red female Starfleet uniform above, I thought you'd like to see the blue male Starfleet uniform to compare it to.
Blue male Starfleet uniform Star Trek movie
Finally here is another of the Star Trek Enterprise models that have been re-interpreted by artists from all over the world as part of the Enterprise Project to support the launch of the new movie.

Star Trek Afro Punks Enterprise model
This USS Enterprise replica has been re-designed by Afro-Punks.

The new movie seems to be doing well with audiences and is rumoured to have taken around $75 million in its opening weekend which is always a good sign. Let's hope it's not another seven years until we see the next installment and that it can retain the quality of this re-imagined origin story.
Star Trek Enterprise movie billboard
Full warp speed ahead people...

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