Saturday, May 9, 2009

The new Star Trek movie boldly warps ahead to a bright rebooted future...

Action-packed, non-stop, senses-shattering and an unashamedly sci-fi spectacular, that's what the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek is. The rebooted movie truly warp speeds ahead and doesn't stop for a moment.
Star Trek movie Enterprise poster
The new film totally succeeds in re-energizing the Star Trek franchise and I can't imagine even die-hard classic Trek fans not being able to find something to like in this fast-paced movie.

Original costumes from the new Star Trek movie
on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Star Trek movie costumes on display
I think it's much more accessible to non-Trek aficionados, but still a real fan pleaser, and it's just a damn good action movie that keeps you riveted the full 127 minutes.
New Star Trek movie poster
This time around there's not lots of exposition as people stand around the ship's bridge spouting incomprehensible techno-babble, just cool action sequences, intense space battles and exciting hand-to-hand and phaser fueled fights scenes.

Original movie props from the new Star Trek movie - phasers
Original Star Trek phaser movie props
The orbital sky-diving scene is exciting and truly impressive. I love the in-joke homage to the red uniform guy from classic Trek, who you always knew when he beamed down to a planet would be the one to die - the 'curse of the red shirt Starfleet uniform' strikes again.

Star Trek phaser movie prop
Star Trek phaser movie prop close-up
I absolutely loved Chris Pine's supremely cocky Kirk (and his piercing blue eyes) and the movie's overall tongue-in-cheek, infectious and at times laugh out loud humour.
New Star Trek movie cast poster
Simon Pegg's Scotty is also a comedic gem and classic lines from Bones, "I'm a Doctor, not a Physicist", are real fan pleasers. I thought each cast member was introduced well and given sufficient screen time to establish their character, with nods to personality traits of the original characters, but also new elements to refresh and re-invigorate the crew.

Actual Star Trek movie costumes -
Starfleet, Vulcan and Romulan outfits
New JJ Abrams Star Trek movie costumes
At the end of the movie you really get a sense that these are the familiar Star Trek characters like Sulu, Uhura and Chekov, we've known for years, but the new actors have all made them their own and are not trying to do an impersonation of the original.

New Star Trek movie costumes -
Red Starfleet cadet uniform
New Star Trek red Starfleet cadet movie costume
There are also quite a few surprises in the movie, like the unexpected romance between young Spock and Uhura - I didn't see that one coming, but it certainly mixes the bridge dynamic up a bit.

Actual Star Trek movie costumes on display -
Vulcan and Romulan outfits
Star Trek Vulcan and Romulan movie costumes
I also love the new bridge design, it's simple yet futuristic at the same time, and now the engineering section looks like a real functioning engine room and the Enterprise is not some squeaky clean, hermetically-sealed sterile environment.

Star Trek movie teaser poster
The costume designs are fantastically loyal to the retro look of the classic uniforms, but are injected with a fresh and new style too.

New Star Trek movie costumes - Blue Starfleet uniform
Star Trek new blue Starfleet uniform
The Romulans provide true menace and the simplicity of the time-travel story and revenge motivation of movie's protagonist, Nero, are a breath of fresh air. Rather than some convoluted plot we have to get our heads around it allows the lead characters to be established and the action to flow more easily.

Original movie props from the new Star Trek movie -
weapons and communicators
Actual Star Trek movie props
Only really thing that felt a bit forced was the whole time-traveling Spock and his inevitable meeting with his younger self (Zachary Quinto), which seemed slightly anti-climatic. Although his inclusion was integral to the plot, I felt the story slowed down whenever he was involved, but that's a very minor criticism in a highly entertaining movie.

At the end of the movie I'm left with the sense that this rebooted version exists in an alternate reality (as the past has been changed) and that's great because the slate has been wiped clean. You can enjoy the original series and films for what they were, but whatever comes next doesn't have to be bogged down with countless years of continuity and that this new Enterprise crew can create their own destiny.

Star Trek weapon movie prop
Star Trek gun movie prop
I hope you enjoy all the movie costumes and props from the new Star Trek movie featured here, which are on display at ArcLight Hollywood where I saw the movie (which I have to say looked amazing on the massive screen of the Cinerama Dome).

Unlike with the disappointing X-Men Origins - Wolverine last week, I'm really excited to go see the new Star Trek again and catch all the things I missed on first viewing. I give new Star Trek a spectacular five ***** stars.

Live long and prosper movie fans...

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