Thursday, May 28, 2009

Urban Light in the Californian sunshine...

The last time I photographed the iconic Urban Light installation outside LACMA on Wilshire Boulevard the sun was no longer illuminating all of this fantastic sculpture and there was a horrid crane in the background, so I was delighted to find it perfectly illuminated on my return visit.
Urban Light installation by Chris Burden LACMA
On my way back from an excursion to Office Depot to buy a new computer chair (for my aching back), I thought I'd stop off and take a few new pictures of Urban Light in dazzling daylight to share with the world.
Vintage street lamps of Urban Light sculpture
When I was driving past I also spied a sculpture garden I'd previously missed, but sadly LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is closed on Wednesdays, so I've actually been snapping away there today (but more on that later in the week).
Urban Light under blue sky
This fantastic installation of 202 restored vintage street lamps is fast becoming a Los Angeles landmark and you can see why. 
Uniform Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden LACMA
Its uniform design is so arresting and captivating, it can't help but catch your eye as you drive by.
Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden
When you take a closer look you notice the variety of different lampposts, heights and shapes involved in this modern installation.
Iconic Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden outside LACMA
Just how cool do those ornate street lamps look under that wonderfully blue Californian sky.
Urban Light in daylight by Chris Burden
I've found that I have a real affection for sculpture these days, especially modern interpretations, be it local metal horse sculptures along Santa Monica Blvd or colourful geometric pieces by Peter Shire in West Hollywood.
Urban Light under Californian sky
If you like the Urban Light installation at LACMA, you're sure to like the wide variety of intriguing modern sculpture at The Getty Center.
Urban Light sculpture local landmark at LACMA
Urban Light really is a photographer's dream and I regularly see people wandering amongst the lampposts shooting away from all angles (much like me), or people posing for the ultimate L.A. tourist memory. 
Arresting Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden at LACMA
I think I may have to venture there at night when the cast iron street lamps are supposed to be illuminated - think of all those great shots to be had.
202 vintage lamp posts Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden LACMA
Earlier this year there was even a Celebrating Urban Light photography contest which one of my earlier pictures was actually requested to be entered for, sadly nothing came of that for me (it wasn't that spectacular a shot so I'm not losing any sleep), but the winning photograph was by Doug Hein from Long Beach.
Vintage street lamps Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden at LACMA
Anyway, enjoy these images and come back soon to see the wonderful Rodin bronzes that are on display in the B. Gerald Cantor Sculpture Garden at LACMA.

In case you haven't been inspired enough by Urban Light, here's a nice quote by William Arthur Ward: "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it"...

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