Wednesday, May 13, 2009

West Hollywood in bloom - it's lilac time...

I love West Hollywood at this time of year as for the past few weeks the trees have been out in full bloom adding a beautiful purple colour to the neighbourhood.
West Hollywood in bloom
Apparently "it's lilac time", as local florists proclaim and so we get this lovely spectacle of colour.
West Hollywood lilacs in bloom
As with most things there are downsides as well as positives. My hayfever and pollen allergies have been really noticeable and I'm told that they are really bad trees to park under as the blossom and pollen is really sticky and is hard to remove from your car. 
Lilac West Hollywood in bloom
With all that said they do brighten up the neighbourhood and make walking Cooper four or five times a day around the WEHO streets a bit more interesting.
Cooper in blooming West Hollywood
Cooper is obviously oblivious to the aesthetic quality of the trees in bloom and much prefers to munch on the carpet of fallen blossom as it blows along the sidewalks. 
Labrador Cooper in West Hollywood in bloom
We moved to West Hollywood just over a year ago at the beginning of May, so it's also a reminder of how quickly time flies as I remember marveling at the colourful trees when we first arrived.
West Hollywood trees in bloom
I wonder how quickly this year will zoom by and if I'll think the same thing next year when the West Hollywood streets are lilac once more...


Anonymous said...

These are Jacaranda trees, fyi.

Jason in Hollywood said...

thanks Barry!

Funnily enough someone form Australia mentioned their name to me the other day and I totally forgot to include in my blog entry, so thanks for the reminder! :-)

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