Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where has the Hollywood Sign gone...?

It was just so darn misty out this morning that I had to ask, "just where has the Hollywood Sign disappeared to?"
Where is The Hollywood Sign?
Usually even on misty mornings the iconic Sign perched on Mount Lee and the Griffith Observatory on Mount Hollywood are still visible, but not today, the mist cover was just so thick you couldn't see much of anything at all.

The Hollywood Sign visible on a clear day
The Hollywood Sign
I've spoken about the lost city in the mists before, but this morning around 8.30am at Runyon Canyon the marine layer or pollution layer, whatever you want to call it, was intense. Saying that though, it was still a beautiful morning and the sun was burning through the layer of mists and I'm sure it will be gone by early afternoon.

Sprawling L.A. shrouded by mists
Misty Los Angeles
A fellow dog walker said to me the other day that it was the 'June gloom' come early and she thought it was due to global warming, because in the twenty years she'd lived in L.A. she'd never seen the skies so overcast this early in the season.
Cooper at misty Runyon Canyon
Whatever the reason though, Cooper didn't seem to mind. Usually any cloud cover helps to keep things cooler for a couple of hours, which means he has more energy to play with other dogs and we tend to make it round a lot quicker than when the sun is beating down on the canyon.

With all that said I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day, whilst the pup sleeps, and get a massage to help my aching legs and lower back from all that hiking...

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