Saturday, June 13, 2009

12 months of Cooper magic...

Can you believe it was a year ago today that our adorable yellow Labrador Retriever, Cooper, came into our lives?

Welcome to your new home 8 week old Cooper
Coper in his new home at 8 weeks
I'm not sure what's scarier, how quickly the time has gone by or how big Cooper has grown since we brought him home as an eight week old pup.

In the bookcase at 9 weeks
9 week old puppy bookcase Cooper
We'd recently enjoyed our first West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade and we'd just flown back from a trip to New York, so it was time to choose our first ever dog together after having wanted a puppy so badly for the last eight or so years in London, but our busy work lives never allowing us.

Those dopey eyes and gigantic paws at 10 weeks
10 week Labrador puppy paws
Little did we know what we were really in for though. Sleepless nights, sharp teeth and puppy claws, toilet training, constant chewing, but most of all the best thing that has ever happened to us.

One of my favorite photos at 11 weeks
11 week cutest Labrador puppy
I'm not a natural dog lover. I was always a bit aloof with other peoples dogs, mindful of all that hair and dog slobber, whilst Charlie would be rolling around on the floor with them. 

Playing with his dad at 10 weeks
Cooper playing with his dad
However, my close relationship with my pup this past twelve months has definitely made me more of a dog fan, especially of Labradors, but most of all I'm a 'Cooper-lover'

Fun under the sofa at 13 weeks
13 week Cooper playing under sofa
So excuse all these pictures, as today just has to be a total Cooper love-fest.

First time at the beach at 17 weeks
Sandy Labrador pup at 17 weeks

Sleepy pup at 5 months
5 month sleeping pup
Not only has he brought joy into our lives, but he's brightened a couple thousand Jason in Hollywood visitors' days too. 
SFX magazine star Cooper in Hollywood
Our Hollywood Hound even found fame in the pages of SFX magazine, was puppy pin-up on the 19th February on the Daily Puppy website and came third place in a Daily Puppy bath-time photo competition.
SFX magazine Cooper Letters page star
He passed his five week obedience training class when he was seven months old, even though we didn't like the teacher.
Cooper's dog training certificate at 7 months
Cooper loves the beach and chasing other dogs in the ocean. 

Puppy playtime in Santa Barbara
Santa Babara Dog Beach puppy pals

Racing through the waves at Sycamore Cove at 7 months
7 month Labrador racing through the waves
We've discovered several great dog beaches in Southern California, from Sycamore Cove in Ventura County, to the Dog Zone at Long Beach and further up the coast at Arroyo Burro Dog Beach in Santa Barbara.

Happy beach pup at Sycamore Cove
Happy frisbee Cooper at the beach
7 month old beach pup
7 month old yellow Labrador Cooper

Fun in the Pacific Ocean at Long Beach
Pup powers through the ocean at Long Beach
He used to love bath-time when he was a pup, but now suffers a shower instead.

7 month suds covered pup
7 month sneezy suds pup
Our sweet pup recovered well from his 'big operation' when he was neutered around eleven months, but he lost none of his personality.

Recuperating cone-head Cooper
Recuperating cone head Cooper

Talented Cooper
Talented cooper with two tennis balls
We still go for long walks up to Runyon Canyon at least three to four times a week. 

Cooper under Californian skies
Blue sky cooper at Runyon Canyon
It's great exercise for both of us, Cooper gets to play with lots of dog pals and best of all it tires him out for a couple of hours. Plus we occasionally spot the odd celebrity or two.

Cooper in the shadow of The Hollywood Sign
Yellow Labrador Cooper in Hollywood

Happy Runyon Canyon pup
Runyon Canyon Cooper
In more recent developments, at thirteen months old, after he's pooped he's started to kick up the grass behind him, which proves he's a big boy now. It was like the similar proud milestone moment when he first cocked his leg to pee (Is that too much information already?).

Cooper by the Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach
Cooper at Queen Mary seaport in Long Beach
Also the other day he was sleeping and let out a new howl noise, the like of which we'd never heard before. He continues to delight and entertain us.

13 month old playful Cooper
13 month old Labrador Cooper
As you can imagine there are even more magic moments with Cooper, but I'd be rambling on all day, so enjoy this selection of images and you can guarantee you'll be seeing more of Cooper in Hollywood over the coming months.

'Cooper kisses' to you all...

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