Saturday, June 6, 2009

Angels in the attic...

Well maybe not angels in the attic exactly, but certainly in the garden.

As they say, great minds think alike, and this is obviously true of those intelligent souls who decided to create the Community of Angels sculptural project in 2001 and 2002 here in L.A. as a play on the affectionate nickname 'City of Angels'.
Angels Attic museum angel in Santa Monica
Whilst my own Angel Quest has incorporated all manner of angel imagery here in L.A., I have also been trying to find the whereabouts of any of the painted and decorated fiberglass angel statues from the original charity project.
Community Angel at Angels Attic museum in Santa Monica
My divine search has already taken me near and far, from the Farmers Market to Universal Studios Hollywood Citywalk, local West Hollywood streets to Downtown L.A. and the Cathedral of our Lady of Angels.
Angels Attic museum glass beaded angel
Tipped off to its location by a regular Jason in Hollywood visitor, my travels have recently taken me down near the ocean in Santa Monica
Angels Attic museum angel in Santa Monica
In the garden outside the Angels Attic at 516 Colorado Avenue I discovered my third original 'Community Angel'.
Angels Attic museum in Santa Monica
The picturesque Angels Attic is a museum in a 1895 Queen Anne Victorian house which exhibits antique dolls, dollhouses, miniatures and toys.
Angels Attic museum garden angel in Santa Monica
The bejeweled angel looks fabulous amongst the pretty garden and certainly catches your eye as you drive past. I can imagine it took an age to affix all those glass pebbles to the angel, but the end result is well worth it.
Santa Monica Angel at Angels Attic
Sadly it seems I'm about seven or so years too late and of the 400 or so decorated angels very few of them seem to be still displayed in public. 

So far I've photographed this Hawaiian shirt clad Travel Angel at the Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax...
Travel Angel at the Farmers Market
Plus this mariachi inspired colourful angel outside a restaurant at Universal Citywalk at Universal Studios Hollywood...
Universal Citywalk restaurant angel
I've even seen another angel driving to the beach along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu (but as yet not been able to photograph it).

I wonder what happened to the rest of the angelic host? If anyone knows where to find any more if they are still in existence, or even owns one, do be sure to let me know.

My heavenly mission will continue....

For those intrigued by these decorative angel sculptures, you can actually buy two books based on the original L.A. project: 


m said...

Hi Jason,

I myself, have been trying to find these Sculptures for a few years. I've seen several driving through the city, but either I can't find them again or I have completely forgotten where I've seen them.
But I have recently found one located in Downtown Los Angeles at 7th and Figueroa. If you walk from the corner, up the stairs, past the building going to the parking lot area it is hidden in an eating/garden area on the left. This particular angel is covered in glass. Enjoy...hope you find it.

Jason in Hollywood said...

thank you so much for the lead, I will check that out and try and post the results soon!

Jeff Nadonza said...

have you seen the one in the central library. You need to be on the third or fourth floor. It is part of the hanging chandaliers.

Jeff Nadonza said...

Sorry I looked at a picture of the central Library. I don't think it is part of the comunity of angels

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks anyway!

andres basurto said...

I have one of these angels and want to sell it please contact me for details?972-464-7000

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