Thursday, June 11, 2009

Away We Go to the cinema for a quirky comedy and some movie costumes...

I saw the trailer for Away We Go before the movie Sunshine Cleaning and knew immediately it would be one of the 'quiet' films I'd like to see this year to feed my soul and counteract all the blockbuster action movies that I also enjoy.
Away We Go movie poster
Sam Mendes' new offering is a simple film with great performances that examines the relationship between a sweet and quirky expectant young couple. 

Costumes and props from the movie Away We Go 
on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Away We Go movie costumes and props at ArcLight Hollywood
Maya Rudolph plays Verona De Tessant and poses the question, why they are such 'f@#$-ups' at thirty-four, her boyfriend Burt Farlander (played by John Krasinski), rubs salt in the wound by reminding her that he is only thirty-three. And that's the type of humour you can expect from this gentle comedy.

Original movie costumes worn by John Krasinski 
and Maya Rudolph in Away We Go
Away We Go movie costumes worn by John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph
Verona's parents are dead, so when Burt's parents, played by Jeff Daniels (who has a priceless moment in his inability to pronounce 'indigenous' when referring to a $12,000 Native American sculpture) and Catherine O'Haraas Jerry and Gloria Farlander, announce they plan to move abroad for two years a month before their grandchild is due, the couple decide to seek out a new home to raise their new family. 

Actual movie costumes worn by Jeff Daniels 
and Catherine O'Hara in Away We Go
Away We Go movie costumes worn by Jeff Daniels and Catherine O'Hara
So away they go to visit their friends and other relatives to discover if life is better elsewhere in North America
Away We Go movie poster montage
Their travels take them across the United States and to Canada and instead of a brighter world they find that all the people in their lives are equally or even more dysfunctional than them.

Movie costumes from Away We Go
Original Away We Go movie costumes
Allison Janney is hilarious as Lily, the ex-boss of Verona and politically incorrect mother, labeling her young daughter a lesbian by the way she walks and bemoaning her sagging breasts.

Original movie costume worn by Allison Janney
aa Lily in Away We Go
Away We Go movie costume worn by Allison Janney as Lily
It's no American Beauty, but Away We Go does make you question life (not that I'm an expectant mother, but I am thirty-four and at a crossroads in my life and career, so the story does resonate with me from that perspective) and will leave you with a smile on your face. I give it a satirical three *** stars. 

Anyway, enjoy these original costumes from the movie on display at Arclight Hollywood (they even have the red baby stroller prop in the foyer that vexes Maggie Gyllenhaal's 'earth mother' character so much) and away I go to walk the pup...

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