Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary celebrations take a step back in time...

Along with being a big movie fan, I'm also a huge comic geek, so as it's 'new comic Wednesday' I thought I'd share with you these fun Marvel Comics variant covers today.

As part of the celebrations to commemorate their seven decades of publishing comics, Marvel will be releasing these homages to popular culture during June and July (with I'm sure more to follow). 

1970's decade variant:
Agents of Atlas 'Saturday Night Fever' cover
Agents of Atlas Saturday NIght Fever Travolta decade cover
The simian Agent of Atlas goes all 'Travolta', as Ken Hale, Gorilla-Man, takes to the disco dancefloor.

1970's decade variant:
Amazing Spider-man 'President Nixon' cover
Spider-man 70's Nixon decade cover
Spider-man steps back in time to meet President Nixon, in not only a tribute to the 70's, but also a political homage to the recent President Obama inauguration story-line of The Amazing Spider-man issue #583

1980's decade variant:
Marvel Zombies 4 'Thriller' cover
Marvel Zombies 4 Thriller variant decade cover
A whole host of Marvel Universe characters re-enact Michael Jackson's infamous 'Thriller' video on this cover to Marvel Zombie series 4

Disco diva Dazzler leads fellow heroes and villains Longshot, Dagger, Captain Marvel, Spiral, Cannonball and 'blast from the past' Crystar.

1980's decade variant:
Nova 'Flashdance' cover
Nova Flashdance variant decade cover
Cosmic policeman Nova and Gamora, the 'Deadliest woman in the Universe', reinterpret another 80's classic, this time the movie 'Flashdance'.

1980's decade variant:
Uncanny X-Men 'New Wave' cover
New Wave Uncanny X-Men 80's decade cover
The Uncanny X-women Psylocke, Storm, Dazzler and Rogue go all 'new wave' for this 1980's variant cover.

1990's decade variant:
War Machine 'Nirvana' cover
War Machine Nirvana variant decade cover
War Machine rocks the Nirvana 'Smells like Teen Spirit' video look from 1991.

1990's decade variant:
X-Men Legacy 'Vogue' cover 
X-Men Legacy Rogue Madonna Vogue variant decade cover
Southern belle Rogue strikes a pose in an homage to Madonna's iconic 'Vogue' 1993 song and style.

1990's decade variant:
Savage She-Hulk 'techno rave flyer' cover
Savage She-Hulk 90's techno flyer decade cover
Finally we have the All New Savage She-Hulk with a 90's decade variant to evoke the techno rave flyers for the clubbing generation.

How cool is this cover art? Sure it's a gimmick to sell more copies, but they look fantastic and it's nice to see Marvel willing to be so creative and embrace it's amazing 70th anniversary in such a quirky way.

I'm sure these aren't the last covers we'll see to mark this milestone...

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