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More cool movie, TV and fashion billboards around L.A. in June 2009...

At the beginning of June TV show billboards seemed to dominate the L.A. skyline, but it looks like in the past few weeks that movies have had a bit of a resurgence, with some cool film billboards starting to stand out on the streets of Los Angeles.

So here's another selection of fantastic eye-catching billboard advertising around the City of Angels for your perusal.

Movie billboards
JOhnny Depp Public Enemies movie billboard along Sunset Blvd
First up is this impressively arresting Johnny Depp billboard for his forthcoming Public Enemies movie, that looms large over Sunset Boulevard.
Johnny Depp Public Enemies movie billboard
The action thriller about 1930's American gangster John Dillinger opens on the 1st July. I can't say it's on my must-see list, but the simplicity of the movie poster does pique my interest.
Public Enemies movie billboard
Next up are billboards for the eagerly awaited sixth installment in the Harry Potter movie franchise The Half-Blood Prince.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince movie bilboard
Apparently 'dark secrets' will be revealed on the 15th July. Not surprisingly Warner isn't spending masses of marketing money on billboard advertising as Harry Potter has such a loyal fan base (although you'd think after moving back the release date they'd try a bit harder to provide a bit more spectacle).
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie billboard
Keeping to children friendly movie theme, here's the next offering from Disney, G-Force, about a specially trained team of talking guinea pigs.
Disney's G-Force movie billboard
I have to say I saw the trailer before UP and was slightly underwhelmed, but then I'm not exactly target market am I. Regardless, the billboards are great fun along Sunset Blvd.
G-Force movie billboard
And something of a decidedly more adult theme, we have Sacha Baron Cohen's new fictional gay character invention, Bruno.
Bruno movie billboard
I'm not the biggest fan of 'Borat' or that kind of comedy and I just hope that this film isn't a big exercise in homophobia. I'll keep an open mind until the film opens in July.
Bruno film billboard
Next up is the new crime thriller starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta in a remake of the 1974's The Taking of Pelham 123.
taking of Pelham 123 movie billboard
Child star Abigail Breslin seems to get everywhere these days since her standout performance in Little Miss Sunshine in 2006, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to see her and Cameron Diaz in this potentially weepy movie.
My Sister's Keeper movie billboard
Finally for the movies, not a billboard for a cinema release but for the DVD of the Pink Panther 2. Did we really need a sequel of a remake of Inspector Clouseau's exploits?
Pink Panther 2 dvd movie billboard

TV show billboards
HUNG comedy TV series billboard
I really did cover off most to the new TV billboards last time, but this poster for new comedy 'Hung' makes me laugh.

Fashion billboards
Calvin Klein jeans male model billboard
This raunchy Calvin Klein jeans billboard on Sunset Blvd certainly has its fair share of young buff male models.
Gridlock denim fashion billboard
Whilst these ads for Gridlock Denim feature a lovely lady that some men (and women), may find interesting, but I'll stick to my hot male model billboards thanks. 

When I look at this billboard my mind is thinking - "Get up off those oily rail-road tracks, you're ruining your jeans".
Gridlock denim jeans billboard

Alcohol billboards
Absolut Vodka billboard
There's a whole smattering of alcohol ads around at the moment, and as I'm not a beer drinker, my eyes are normally drawn to the vodka and tequila billboards.
Sobieski vodka billboard
I love the slogans on these two billboards. Sometimes going for the clever and simple option really helps something stand out.
Patron Tequila billboard

Other entertainment billboards
Universal Studios Creature from the Black Lagoon Musical billboard
This time we have two billboards for theme parks as Summer is nearly here. Above advertising for the new Creature from the Black Lagoon Musical at Universal Studios Hollywood (they really are digging deep into their movie vaults aren't they) and below a fantastically fierce effort for Disneyland California.
Disneyland Summer Nightastic billboard
And that's almost it for this installment of funky billboards around L.A., I'll leave you now with this colourful and important safe sex message from the streets of West Hollywood.
Where have all the condoms gone in West Hollywood? billboard
Until next time, eyes to the skies...

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