Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Optimus Prime and the Autobots transform the ArcLight Hollywood...

If you go down to the ArcLight Hollywood today you're sure to get a big surprise as the Autobots from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen have landed (or is that parked?).

Autobot leader 'Optimus Prime' in truck mode
Transformers 2 Autobot leader Optimus Prime movie prop
From Tuesday 22nd until Sunday 28th of June you'll be able to find the original Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Bumblebee and Sideswipe vehicles from the movie sequel outside the fabulous Hollywood cinema.
Transformers 2 Autobot vehicles at ArcLight Hollywood
Parked beside the Cinerama Dome entrance on Sunset Boulevard you'll find the colourful Autobots leader Optimus Prime in his truck mode.
Transformers 2 Autobot leader Optimus Prime Peterbilt Model 379 truck

Optimus Prime in robot mode
Transformers 2 Optimus Prime movie poster
This 'robot in disguise' is a Peterbilt Model-379 truck and is quite impressive when seen up close.
Transformers 2 Autobot leader Optimus Prime truckOriginal Transformers 2 Autobot Optimus Prime movie truck
Actual Transformers 2 Autobot Optimus Prime movie truck side view
Next up is a new addition to the second Transformers movie. Sideswipe is a Chevy Corvette Stingray Concept car and looks extremely sleek and super-sexy up close.

Autobot 'Sideswipe' in car mode
Actual Transformers Autobot Sideswipe Corvette Stingray car
Next to Sideswipe you'll find Autobot fan-favourite Bumblebee.
Transformers 2 Autobots Bumble bee and Sideswipe cars
The yellow muscle car that Bumblebee transforms into in 'Revenge of the Fallen' is a 2010 Camaro.

Autobot 'Bumblebee' in car mode
Transformers 2 Autobot Bumblebee Camaro car

Bumblebee in robot mode
Transformers 2 Bumblebee movie poster
Transformers 2 Autobot Bumblebee Camaro car
Another returning vehicle from the first live-action Transformers movie is Autobot Ironhide and he is a GMC TopKick pick-up truck in vehicle mode.

Autobot 'Ironhide' in truck mode
Original Transformers 2 Autobot Ironhide Topkick truck
 There's a bit of controversy surrounding this character, as General Motors announced just weeks before the film was due to open in theaters that they'll be ceasing production on medium duty trucks by the 31st July 2009, after being unable to find a buyer for these models.

Ironhide in robot mode
Transformers Autobot Ironhide
Transformers 2 Autobot Ironhide pickup truck back view
If you like these original movie props you may also like to take a look at the Fast & Furious cars on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Finally, enjoy this short video clip of Optimus Prime from all angles.
Transformers Autobot Optimus Prime truck front
Even after seeing these cool cars and trucks my expectations for the Transformers movie are still relatively low, it is after all a big Summer action CGI blockbuster, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
Transformers Autobots symbol
Autobots roll out...

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