Friday, June 19, 2009

Take an intriguing trip to see Moon...

If you get the chance, take a trip to see Moon, the intriguing new sci-fi movie out now at the cinema.
Moon movie poster
Don't expect aliens with acid for blood or laser beam battles in space, just good solid storytelling and wonderful acting. It's one of my 'quiet' films and stars Sam Rockwell on his own for almost the entirety of the movie.
Sam Rockwell in Moon
It's hard to discuss the plot of the movie without giving away the cool sci-fi concept behind the film, but I can say that it's set in the near future were 70% of Earth's energy needs are now met by harvesting the power of the Sun on the Moon.
Sam Rockwell in the movie Moon
Sam Rockwell plays Astronaut Sam Bell who mans a lunar colony that sends this mined energy source back to Earth. His solitary existence is helped by communiques from his wife and baby daughter back on Earth and he has two weeks left of his three year contract, when he starts to question his sanity and ends up being involved in an accident on the Moon's surface. That's when the fun really starts.
Sam Rockwell as Astronaut in Moon
Moon is not a shoot 'em up in space, but more of a character study and psychological thriller. When Sam starts getting his visions, you think you're glimpsing the start of some classic Japanese horror story, but the movie surprises you buy not traveling down this gory road.

The lunar base is like something out of the original Alien film and Moon even reminded me of Silent Running (which I always thought was a weird and creepy film when I was younger). The retro set design evokes a real 70's feel, also helped by Kevin Spacey's calm computer voice as GERTY, reminiscent of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Sam Rockwell lunar base set in Moon
After his accident we discover that Sam is part of a much more sinister existence, rather than a simple mundane mining job in space.

At a relatively short 97 minutes (by modern movie standards) the film still doesn't race by, it's quite engrossing but there's not really that much to the story once you understand the central sci-fi premise.
Moon poster film review
Sam Rockwell should be commended for his fine acting and his ability to hold the entire story together pretty much on his lonesome. Plus for the nostalgic sci-fi feel the movie evokes and the seemingly realistic depictions of the dark side of the moon I give Moon three *** stars.

Give it a go and I hope you'll be 'moonstruck' too...

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