Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cooper lends a hand to celebrate 75,000 visitors...

Or is that Cooper lends a paw? Anyway our star pup was on hand to celebrate Jason in Hollywood's 75,000th visitor.
Cooper celebrates 75,000 Jason in Hollywood visitors
I thought you'd appreciate a few pictures of Cooper as with all the movie costumes and props from Transformers 2, Public Enemies, Harry Potter and The Hurt Locker, we've not seen much of Cooper lately. 
Sleepy pup face
To mark this fantastic milestone of 75,000 visitors, we even had a celebrity sighting at Runyon Canyon this morning at 9.40am, Balthazar Getty, this time out walking alone without Sienna Miller in tow. He didn't look like he was in the mood to have his photo snapped, so we just walked by.
Sleepy bench Cooper
Speaking of celebrity spotting I also saw Runyon Canyon regular Eriq la Salle (of E.R. fame) again on Monday this week, along with celebrity stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe (from The Rachel Zoe Project reality show on Bravo TV) walking along Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood after I'd had my car cleaned at the Santa Palm Car Wash (which is famous for their celebrity clientele).
Pup sunning himself in the car
Anyway enjoy the Cooper pictures (he'll be fifteen months old on the 18th July) and expect bright new things in the future as the success of Jason in Hollywood leads to an exciting new venture.

More on that shortly...

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