Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An evening of Prokofiev, film and fireworks at The Hollywood Bowl...

We kicked off our Hollywood Bowl season in style at the Aretha Franklin concert at the end of June and last night it was back to our regular bench seating in the outdoor amphitheater, rather than the posh box seats. 
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev fireworks
That didn't stop us though from enjoying an evening of picnicking, Prokofiev, film and spectacular (if short-lived) fireworks. 
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev, film and fireworks concert
After a night with the 'Queen of Soul', it was time for some classical music. That's the great thing about the Hollywood Bowl, there's always a fantastic variety of concerts on offer to suit many tastes.
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev concert
In the first act the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra played music by Prokofiev conducted by Kirill Karabits accompanied by pianist, Vladimir Feltsman.
Pianist Vladmir Feltsman and conductor Kirill Karabits on stage at Hollywood Bowl
I'm not the biggest classical music fan, so I actually enjoyed the more recognisable music of the second half during the showing of the fantastic animated short 'Peter & the Wolf' (although it may have been because I had a row of troublesome five and six year olds behind me who distracted me the whole of the first half performance). 
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf animated short
The L.A. Philharmonic seamlessly played the soundtrack to the stop-motion animation film, which won Best Animated Short at the Oscars in 2008. 
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf animated film
It's a dark and witty tale told entirely to Sergei Prokofiev's music, with such expressive puppets, and it was a real crowd pleaser. 
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev fireworks
For me though the real highlight of the evening were the fireworks, which even though they were short-lived, were wonderfully choreographed to the stirring music and the lightshow on stage. Enjoy these fabulous images of the fireworks display.
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev spectacular fireworks
Impressive Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev fireworks
Dazzling Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev fireworks
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev fireworks spectacular
Amazing Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev fireworks
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev impressive fireworks
Fireworks over the Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Bowl Prokofiev fireworks lightshow
And if you like those spectacular pictures, you'll love this short video clip of the firework finale.

Now don't you all feel more cultured? Come back soon for more sights and sounds from around L.A...

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