Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Hangover made my head hurt...

Last night I succumbed to the inevitable and went to see one of the summer's surprise hits, The Hangover. The surprise for me is why has this movie done so well as it's a bit mediocre and highly predictable.
The Hangover film poster
I really wanted to give myself over to this movie, but I'll caveat this whole review by saying I'm not the best person to comment on a comedy movie as its not my favourite genre. I don't choose to watch them too often, preferring the gentler quirky humour of films like Sunshine Cleaning and Away We Go.
The Hangover movie poster
The Hangover and its tale of the aftermath of a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas didn't seem particularly original and just reminded me of a grown-up version of Superbad - the bespectacled Ed Helms as 'Stu' taking the place of the 'McLovin' character, Zach Galifianakis as 'Alan' representing the 'fat one' and Bradley Cooper as 'Phil' being the 'slim one'
The Hangover Baby movie poster
I know the stories are wildly different, but the formulaic premise is still there, just add a chicken, a tiger, some strippers and throw in a baby for good measure and mix it together with a cocktail of alcoholic shenanigans and some memory wiping drugs and voila.
The Hangover Tiger movie poster
I know I'm being overly critical as there were some laugh out loud moments and the Saturday evening audience clearly liked the movie, but from all the hype I was expecting some side-splitting hilarity. At least Bradley Cooper provided some nice 'eye candy' (I've always liked him since his 'Alias' TV show days) as the group of misfits retraced their drunken steps.
The Hangover Bradley Cooper movie poster
The Hangover provides an entertaining diversion for 100 minutes and it's well made, so it deserves a three *** star rating, but I hope for the inevitable sequel it can provide more genuinely funny moments and less cringe-inducing predictability.

Maybe a third Cosmo would have made the film funnier....

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