Friday, August 28, 2009

Angel sightings at The Getty Center...

My search for angels in L.A. has taken me all over and it's always a delight to find a new specimen or two when I'm out and about.

These new discoveries were found at The Getty Center in the form of marvelous bronze statues.

Angel of the Citadel
Angel of the Citadel sculpture
Angel of the Citadel sculpture by Marino Marini
Bathed in the Californian sunshine (and clearly enjoying it), this is the 'Angel of the Citadel' by Italian artist Marino Marini, and it's not your traditional looking winged angel.
Angel of the Citadel Marini sculpture
Angel of the Citadel sculpture at Getty Center
The bronze sculpture can be found on one of the upper terraces, with a south-east view of L.A., amongst the wonderful architecture and other fabulous sculptures of The Getty.
Angel of the Citadel bronze sculpture
The sculpture was designed in 1948, cast in 1950, and the piece has a captivating and even whimsical quality which I like.
Angel of the Citadel sculpture at The Getty
Angel of the Citadel bronze sculpture
Aside from this fantastic statue, there were also other angels dotted around The Getty. There was a fantastic winged angel called Fame by Pierre Biard, in one of the visiting exhibitions of 17th and 18th Century French Bronzes.

Sadly, no photography was allowed inside this gallery, but you are allowed to take pictures in the permanent galleries, so I snapped these miniature statues.

The winged couple on the right is called 'Boreas Abducting Orithyia', with Boreas being the personification of the North Wind representing Air.
Winged French bronze sculptures from the 1700s
Four monumental marble sculptures depicting mythological abductions were made for Louis XIV's garden at Versailles. A large number of small-scale reproductions were made in France throughout the 1700 and 1800's to decorate interiors.

So there you go, not only do you get two more angel sightings, but also some culture thrown in for good measure.

Speaking of culture, it's off to The Hollywood Bowl tonight for an evening with Liza Minnelli, which I'm sure will be the gayest event of the year...
Angel of the Citadel sculpture Getty
UPDATED: Here's the Angel of the Citadel with his manhood restored, not seen in the previous photos, snapped on September 20, 2011.

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