Friday, August 7, 2009

The angels of Melrose Avenue...

My Angel Quest around L.A. to find examples of angel imagery, be they sculptures, signs or other winged paraphernalia has taken me far and wide, so it's always a surprise to find some close by in my local West Hollywood neighbourhood. 
Pink Rabbit shop angel
These two new angel sightings were spotted on Melrose Avenue.

First up is this Manga inspired angel above the shop window for the Pink Rabbit store on the corner of Fuller Avenue and Melrose
Pink Rabbit angel on Melrose Avenue
Next up are two little winged cherubs adorning the wine bottle sign for Mel & Rose speciality wine store on Melrose Avenue at the bottom of King's Road. 
Mel and Rose cupid bottle
I can't tell you how many times I've passed by this wine store whilst walking Cooper without noticing anything.
Mel & Rose wine shop on Melrose Avenue
The shop has always stood out for me because of the giant wine bottle, especially as you don't tend to see such things back home in the UK as much, whereas in L.A. big creative signs are all the rage to help draw attention to the otherwise bland and repetitive architecture.
Mel & Rose shop bottle sign adorned with cupids
I've recently heard rumours of other angels from the Community of Angels Project in Downtown L.A., so I think this calls for some more exploring. Wish me luck on my quest... 

P.S. today I celebrate ten years with my partner Charlie. It's such a shame that California (and pretty much the rest of America) doesn't recognise gay marriage, but I know in my heart one day they will.

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