Thursday, August 6, 2009

Big stars and big sticks at Runyon Canyon...

Not only are you guaranteed a good walk at Runyon Canyon, but you are almost certain to see a celebrity or two hiking there most days (I've even seen them shooting films there, like the current Adam Sandler comedy Funny People).

On Tuesday before it had even turned 9am, I'd spotted Bond girl and X-Men star, Famke Jannsen, walking her dog (under her umbrella to shield her from the sun's harmful rays and keep her skin in tip-top condition), then moments later I heard the distinctive French accent and turned to see the familiar face of Gilles Marini.
Gilles Marini celebrity sighting at Runyon Canyon
For those not familiar with his 'body of work', or should that just be 'body'. He was the buff naked neighbour of 'Samantha' from the Sex in the City movie and he was also a finalist and runner-up in last season's Dancing with the Stars competition here in America.
Cooper loves big sticks
Not wanting to shove my camera right in his face, I sneaked a shot from behind (he's the guy in the middle with the white t-shirt and black trousers). Even though Cooper managed to weave around his legs on his way up the mountain trail, he's much more interested in big sticks than big stars.
Cooper at Runyon Canyon
I'm sure if I'd had my other pocket-size camera I'd have snapped a better picture, but my trusty Nikon Coolpix has been sent away to be repaired for four to six weeks, so I'm reliant on my old 'brick-like' Olympus to pick up the paparazzi slack. Maybe next time.

At least I was spared the embarassment of Cooper knocking his legs from under him with his big branch...

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