Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cool new billboards around L.A. in August...

It's that time of the month for another fantastic selection of eye-catching billboards from around L.A., this time for August. With the new TV season looming there's starting to be a whole glut of ads for new and returning television shows.

TV billboards
Torchwood children of Earth TV billboard
First up is this fabulous TV import from my home country. I got so excited when I saw this Torchwood: Children of Earth billboard around L.A. It's always nice to see British TV being represented over here, especially one as excellent as this five night mini-series.

For those unfamiliar with Torchwood, it's a sci-fi spin-off show from cult BBC classic Dr. Who. This third, slightly shortened season, went with the unusual schedule of being aired five consecutive nights in a row on BBC ONE in the UK and similarly over here on BBC America.
Top CHef Las Vegas TV billboard
Next up is one of my favourite reality TV shows (alongside Project Runway), returning for its sixth season, Top Chef. This season is going to see the chef contestants compete against each other in Las Vegas, so I'm sure it's going to be addictive viewing once again.
Sons of Anarchy TV Billboard
I thought this Sons of Anarchy TV billboard had great visual stand-out appeal against L.A.'s wonderfully blue sky (when the pollution isn't so bad that is).
Vampire Diaries TV billboard
Following in the footsteps of Twilight at the movies and True Blood on HBO, it looks like we're in for another helping of vampires on TV.
Ice Road Truckers TV billboard
Finally for TV here's another billboard for The History Channel's Ice Road Truckers. This one is a bit less stand-out than the 3D version on Sunset Blvd in June, but still an eye-catcher nonetheless.

Movie billboards
Surrogates film billboard
I'm loving the campaign for Bruce Willis' new futuristic movie Surrogates around L.A. at the moment. They are shot as if they were fashion models and it always helps to have a buff male model billboard to catch my eye (especially when they have a sci-fi element).
Surrogates movie hot male model billboard
Next is a billboard for Gerard Butler's new movie, Gamer. This billboard strikes me as being a reworking of many other thriller movie ads, so stands out for that reason.
Gamer movie billboard
I'm looking forward to seeing District 9 at the cinema and their ad campaign has been quite clever, especially when they've tailored specific ads to local areas, like this one on Sunset & Vine.
District 9 movie billboard
Having said that, when they did start teasing this campaign a couple of months ago around L.A. on benches and bus poster sites, I did think the ads were for a video game rather than a movie.
District 9 film billboard

Sports billboards
Yoda sparkling lightsaber Dodgertown billboard
You've seen this fabulous Yoda billboard for the L.A. Dogders baseball team before, but the last time you couldn't make out his sparkly lightsaber so clearly (which really does look amazing when the light catches it).

Media billboards
LA Times billboard
Finally for today is this large dramatic billboard for the Los Angeles Times, incorporating a few local landmarks like the Hollywood Bowl and California's 'Governator' himself with President Obama.

Enjoy this collection of billboards, I'm sure there'll be many more new additions around L.A. in the weeks to come...

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